Tim Shook Prayer Letter:  Working With Our ChildrenJanuary is a month of planning and preparing for the upcoming events of our church/ministries. We have a camp and at least one conference planned for this year, along with special promotion Sundays, outreach activities, and events for our church people.

Our missionary children are few in number, but they are very important. We have been burdened for them to have a class where they can learn the Bible stories in English. This month my wife started a class just for the American team children. This allows them to be a part of a Sunday school class in their first language while the other children are learning in their language. Then during the second hour of Sunday church, all of the children meet together in Junior Church, where the songs and lessons are in Thai and in English. In all of our busyness as missionaries, we do not want to leave our children behind.

Missy and Mrs. Kristi Mercer met a man from Holland while they were at Immigration renewing paperwork for their Thai driver’s licenses. The older man began talking about his time in Thailand and then asked why the ladies were in the country. My wife and Mrs. Kristi were able to talk about our mission work and tell him about our church. He was kind but quick to explain that he did not believe in religion or God. The ladies gave him a tract from our church and invited him to visit sometime. The following Sunday morning he brought his Thai girl friend, Na, to our church.

Na stayed for both services and was given the Gospel. She has not yet received Jesus into her heart, but she is very receptive and wants to learn more. She is currently enrolled to start learning at our team’s English language school in a few weeks. Please pray for Na!

Our Thai pastor, Brother Sakrapee, and I were able to lead 4 young adults to the Lord a few days ago. One lady we met, Baung, lived by herself with her one-year-old daughter. After talking with her, she told us that she was married, but her husband was in prison. She said that she was the guilty one, but her husband took the blame and the prison sentence for her. We used her story in explaining salvation and how Jesus took the blame and punishment for our sin. Baung was sweetly saved that evening and came to church the following Sunday. Please pray that she will continue to come and grow in the Lord.

As we serve the Lord here, we pray mostly for God’s wisdom and love, but we also pray for God to continue to call more willing servants to come and serve with us. God is building a work with a group of missionaries who have committed to serve and stay. Will you consider the call?

We are thankful for your faithful support and prayers.

For Him,

Tim Shook