Dennis Lagos Prayer Letter:  The “Be Cool” UpdateGod has blessed us with exciting travels from the Deep South to the Midwest. Thus far, four new supporting churches have been added over these past two months, with others praying to join in the financial partnerships.

During our time in Florida, we were surprised by a treat to Disney World provided by a church member from the church we had visited for a meeting. While enjoying “The Magic Kingdom,” we kept our eyes open for an opportunity to share “God’s Kingdom” with a lost soul. We “happened” upon a young lady waiting in the same line and learned her father was a very important ambassador for Israel. We shared the hope of the Messiah with her, and we had just long enough to plant the Gospel seed and the hope we have through Jesus Christ, the Messiah. Pray for this young Israeli woman to be saved.

God also led us to a Pakistani lady, whom my wife embraced and told God loved her. She looked in disbelief and replied she had never heard that before. She, too, received the message of salvation, and we pray that she will believe and be saved.

Another soul-winning instance came while dining at a restaurant. My wife had befriended the waitress and asked to visit her again on a less busy day, hoping to share more of Jesus Christ. She went back on another day but learned the waitress had left for Alaska to take care of some family needs. However, God had made a way for the Gospel to get to this waitress. Her friend (another waitress) at the restaurant took out her cell phone, called the young lady in Alaska, and then handed the phone to my wife. While on the phone, Holly led this young lady to Christ all the way in Alaska. Praise the Lord!

Now our deputation ministry continues with other missions conferences and still more meetings ahead. God willing, we will also begin shipping our belongings to the Philippines, preparing the way for our arrival in January 2017, God willing. I look forward to posting the great things God continues to do through our deputation ministry. Please pray for God’s power and protection and for souls to be saved, as well as for Bicol, Philippines. By God’s grace, we are around 35% and praying we reach 100% in the next 10 months. Thank you for your faithfulness in both prayer and financial support. To God be the glory!

In Christ’s service,

Dennis and Holly Lagos

“Be cool; pray for Bicol.”