Brian Hebert Prayer Letter:  Busy, Busy, Busy!We’ve just wrapped up a very jam-packed and eventful month in Texas! We had, with only a couple of exceptions, a meeting to present the ministry on every Sunday and Wednesday. On the only two dates we didn’t have anything scheduled, we stopped in for services at a couple of churches so we could meet the pastor and plant a seed for future meetings. All in all, we had a planned meeting for 11 out of the 13 possible services we could be in. The really incredible part was that we kept 90% of our traveling strictly in Texas.

Because we were in so many churches this month, I’ll have to settle with just giving you some highlights. Our first weekend in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, we got to go soul winning with Pastor Bruce Engelman of the Triumph Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas. During our time out, we met Maria. This was perhaps the most open soul-winning opportunity I’ve had in a long time. She was in full agreement with everything regarding her sin, soul, and need for salvation; but when the time came for her to receive Christ, it seemed as if everything in the world that could distract her came out in full force. Her daughter was climbing in and out of her arms, her infant son in the back room was crying for his feeding time, and everyone in the house who was tired of hearing him scream was attempting to get her to cut the conversation short. I know I can’t blame everything on Satan, but if anything could be blamed on him, I’d say this foiled chance was his spiteful doing! Pastor Engelman does have her information and will follow up another time. A couple of our meetings were in small, recently reopened churches with just a handful of people. In each case we were able to help canvass numerous homes in their growing neighborhoods. I admire and respect their tenacity and unwavering love for the Lord and the lost people in their respective areas. The last story happened in San Antonio with a man named DJ. We went out soul winning with the Wednesday group at Texas Baptist Church, and I met this man at the last house on the street we were on. I had found almost no one home until I got to DJ’s home. He had tattoos literally on the top of his head and probably down to his feet, and I found out later that he had done time in prison. He had no trouble accepting that he was a sinner, but he did have other major confusions about God. I reasoned with him about those things; but ultimately, I had to leave him because we had only 15 minutes to get back to the church so I could present our work and preach.

We’ve sown a lot of seed this month, and I’m hopeful that down road someone will reap the harvest because of it. (See John 4:35-38 for the promise I’m claiming for this month.) Pray for the folks I mentioned in this letter; pray that they will be saved soon. Pray for Open Door Baptist Church of San Marcos and Royse City, Texas; pray that God would bless the efforts of these pastors and their families as they endeavor to rebuild these much-needed works. Lastly, pray for the many churches we’ve visited this month, as well as the next set of meetings we have in April; pray that God will speak to them about partnering with us for the souls of Toronto.

Thanks to Calvary,

Brian Hebert