Tim Shook Prayer Letter:  The Great Commission in ActionOne of the greatest things we can do is teach our converts, by word and example, to be soul winners. We have enjoyed watching our church members grow in boldness as they faithfully present the Gospel to their friends and neighbors. I pray often that God will make Himself real in the lives of the people here. When they see God’s hand of blessing in their lives, they can then testify of their personal experiences of His goodness and mercy.

A few weeks ago, we were visiting in the village of Fatima, one of our faithful members. When she saw us outside, she asked if she could join us. She has been coming for about a year but has not yet become a part of our church-wide soul-winning efforts. As we stopped to talk to each person, she became bolder with every visit. She would chime in and add her thoughts and relate her personal experiences with her loving heavenly Father. She saw two of her neighbors receive Jesus that night, and what’s even more exciting is that she had a part in giving the Gospel to them. Several of the neighbors told us that Fatima talks with them about Jesus all the time and has invited them to church. What a joy to see Fatima understanding the Great Commission and to see her get excited to share her faith openly!

We had a couple of special Sundays these past two months, and the Lord blessed with visitors and converts saved and baptized. It’s been especially encouraging to see people inviting family members and seeing them receive Jesus and follow Him in baptism that same day. Two of our faithful ladies have seen several of their family members come to Christ in recent weeks. God is working in the lives of the people here, and it is all the working of the Holy Spirit.

Bouk is a newer member of our church in Hua Hin. She was saved and baptized during the month of May. She has grown passionate about the Lord and was overjoyed to receive a Bible in the Thai language. As Bouk became more actively involved in our church, her husband began threatening and persecuting her. During a recent visit to their home, he was drunk and very angry. He kept telling me that he was a religious man and did not need Jesus. One day he got so angry that he took a machete and cut his wife’s Bible in half. He told her that if she continued to love God, he was going to do the same thing to her. Years of alcohol and drug abuse harden him, and he needs the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Please pray for Bouk as she lives in these conditions and continues to attend church and read her Bible. By the way, this past Sunday we gave her a brand-new Bible!

Our people need your prayers as they step out in faith and boldly serve God in an idol-worshipping, Buddhist nation, where spiritual warfare and persecution are common.

We enjoyed briefly hosting a missions group from our sending church, First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana. My sister (who was helping her husband host the visiting group) and two of her younger children came over a week early. Our family soaked up this special time. Mark and Lauren thoroughly enjoyed making memories with their Aunt Amber and cousins, Libby and Alyssa. It’s always such a treat to have family visit!

Please continue to pray for us as we prepare for our furlough this fall. We are preparing a short video and finalizing our meeting dates. We will most likely be renting a vehicle for this three-month furlough, and we would appreciate your prayers about that.

God is good, and serving Him where He has placed us, with your faithful support and prayers, has been an incredible joy.

For Him,

Tim Shook