This weekly prayer summary is a collection of recent prayer requests derived from prayer letters written by FBMI missionaries and/or missionaries supported by our church, First Baptist Church of Hammond, IN.

Psalm 102:1-2, “A Prayer of the afflicted, when he is overwhelmed, and poureth out his complaint before the LORD. Hear my prayer, O LORD, and let my cry come unto thee.  Hide not thy face from me in the day when I am in trouble; incline thine ear unto me: in the day when I call answer me speedily.”


*Dr. Siemer

*Healing of fractured vertebra

Amoros, Andres and Dora
Dominican Republic

*Son Caleb and Abigail, recently married
*$145,000 to purchase property

Ashcraft, Tommy and Brenda
Mexico (Stateside)

*Her recovery from a broken pelvis and leg (praise: out of the hospital)

Belisle, James and Linda
Missionary Evangelist, FBMI FSC

*His healing from a fall (cracked ribs)

Missionary #6505
Team Eurasia (Deputation)

*June 27 departure

Goodpaster, Nathan and Audrey
Philippines (Medical Furlough)

*Jonathan’s healing from cancer

Guatemalan People and Missionaries

*Need postal service again

Gunter, John and Cathy
International Representatives for Tabernacle Baptist Church Missions

*Their many health issues:
+Her recovery from a bad fall and head injury
+His upcoming surgery on his legs
*$4,500 for dental work for their special-needs daughter Kathilee

Hoffman, Brent and Jennifer

*Language studies

Johns, Larry and Carol
Abundant Pardon Prison Ministry

*His recovery from massive heart attack and bypass surgery

Jones, Layne and Nelia

*Mid-July evangelistic meetings
*25 new Bible college students to stay
*September 5-25 furlough

Kokubun, Heather
Team Peru

*Team Peru and their churches during this time of transition of leadership
*Interim Pastor Dennis Llontop for their church and their search for their future new pastor
*Bro. Zach Foust as he serves as current leader of Team Peru

Missionary #6020
Team China

*June 27-August 25 furlough
*Two new teachers coming to work with them

Robideau, Rob and Grace

*Healing (especially of his shoulder) from his recent fall while out soul winning
*Lord to meet their needs and paperwork to go smoothly in regard to their adoption

Sarver, Mike and Maria
Team Ghana (Furlough)

*May 16-July 26 furlough
*More zealous Bible college students to train

Steers, Andrew and Laura

*Souls saved and church to grow

Tutton, Ed and Carolyn
Teaching All Nations (TAN)

*Daughters Karen Mendez and Kim Whitehead (their healing from cancer)

Vong, Sara and Neaty
Cambodia (furlough)

*Expecting seventh child in November (Neaty’s health)
*Traveling safety
*Witnessing to family in the States
*Comfort in the recent loss of his grandfather
*Return to the field on July 15