Xavier Lopez Prayer Letter:  Extended FurloughJanuary brought a very busy time of traveling and preaching in churches. With our new baby Alyssa being born, we had plans to go back to Bolivia at the end of January, but we decided that it would be better to stay and raise more support. So we bought a roof box to make it more comfortable to travel in our car, and I began scheduling meetings to continue preaching and presenting our ministry in new churches.

We picked up our table display that was in storage in California and updated it with new pictures and interesting facts in between meetings. While I was at a Starbucks on a Saturday night preparing our presentation for the next day’s meeting, a man sat across from me and continued asking questions about the pictures on our display. I tried to make it obvious that I was consumed with what I was doing, but he kept asking me about our ministry. So I asked him a question: “If you died today, do you know for sure that you would go to Heaven?” I figured he would either leave me alone or get saved. The Starbucks was full, and others could overhear our conversation. To my delight, he basically said, “What must I do to be saved?” I put everything aside and gave him a very clear presentation of the Gospel message. When it came time to trust Christ, he unashamedly put his hand on the Bible, bowed his head, and prayed out loud to receive Christ as his personal Saviour. It got quiet all around us as we prayed together with a big Bible in front of us on the table. But afterward, a few different people came to me and encouraged me to continue spreading the Word. Amen!

In the month of February, we were caught in a blizzard in the state of Washington. While coming back from a church near Mount Rainer, the snow was coming down so hard that the visibility was awful. Cars, trucks, and even some 4x4s were planted off the side of the road in the packed snow. With our babies strapped in their seats in the back and a very concerned wife at my side, I anxiously gripped the steering wheel with one hand, by faith clutched God’s hand with the other, and watched as God lovingly and carefully led us safely through the freezing storm to our snugly warm and comfortable place of rest for the night. “And hitherto my Lord hath led. Today He guides each step I tread. And soon in Heav’n it will be said, Jesus led me all the way.” God loves us!

Please pray for our safety, health, and sanity as we continue to travel with a baby and a toddler in our little car. There is so much more we want to do in our ministry but have been held back for lack of funds. We need more support to continue growing and begin multiplying more ministries in South America, so please pray that God would open more doors to raise more support.

Xavier Lopez