Team Ghana Update: A New Church Plant after Six Months

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The first Sunday Otchere Boachie visited our church in September 2011, he walked the aisle and trusted Christ as his Saviour. God continued to work in Brother Otchere’s life. He received a bachelor’s degree from Hyles-Anderson College of We [...]


Caleb and Emily Christiansen Prayer Letter: Furlough

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Thank you to everyone who has prayed for us as we transitioned back to the U.S. for our first furlough. This has been Lydia’s longest time in the U.S. Even as young as she is, she has had her own forms of culture shock. The cold weather was [...]


Robert and Anny Wilson Prayer Letter: Churches Thriving and More People Involved!

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* * TENGA EN CUENTA: La carta en español sigue a su carta en inglés. Gracias. * * We praise God for the work He is doing here for us, in us, and through us. To His glory, since our last letter, we have had dozens saved in our church ministr [...]


Chris and Viry Sage Prayer Letter: Answered Prayers!

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* * *TENGA EN CUENTA: La carta en español sigue a su carta en inglés. Gracias. * * * Thank you so much for your faithful and generous prayers and support over the last month. Normally, I send a report every two months, but the Lord answered [...]


Brian and Liesl George Prayer Letter: Missions Conference

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During March, we made a 10-hour trip to Posadas, Misiones, to be with our son Benjamin. He is starting a new church! While we were there, our daughter Rose had her 15th birthday. I took her to the Iguazu Falls to see the spectacular wonders [...]


Mark and Kim Palmani Prayer Letter: Plans for Starting Our Fifth Church

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March and April have been exciting in the Philippines because it’s summertime. The church has been soul winning in an area about 45 minutes away from our city of La Trinidad. This is the place where we plan to start our fifth church. We hav [...]


Wes and Cynthia Palla Prayer Letter: Initial Phase for Next Church Plant

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We thank the Lord for your faithful prayers and support. It has been an encouraging time to minister in this part of Brazil. We have seen souls saved and families added to the church since our last prayer letter, and while the days have not [...]


Jonathan and Brittany Beil Prayer Letter: Finished Our One-Year Language Program

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Greetings from scorching hot Thailand! Although the weather has persistently been in the triple digits the past many weeks, we love serving the Lord here, and we are grateful for your prayers and support for our family. By God's grace, we w [...]


Jonathan and Laura Bryan Prayer Letter: Children’s Day and Bible Clubs

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OUR PRAISES I’m not exactly sure why it is, but in many cultures, it’s far easier to see women saved, begin to attend, and serve in their local church than it is to see men. For about the last two years, we have made a concentrated effort i [...]


Robert and Anny Wilson Prayer Letter: Rejoice with Us!

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We invite you to rejoice with us! Since our last letter, scores have been saved and baptized through our various church ministries. Our four churches are doing well, and we are planning to start a fifth church here in Guadalajara! Glory to [...]

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