Missionary #6501 Prayer Letter: Answers to PrayerWe have been back to our field for two months now. The number of answers to prayer we have seen in that time is nothing short of amazing. We asked you to pray for our visa renewal. Each time, we were told that our visas would not likely be renewed again. We asked you to pray, and now my whole family has another two-year extension. We asked you to pray for one of our team families that had been denied residency. As of last week, they are back with us! We asked you to pray that we could get a dependable used van for the ministry. Thanks in part to your prayers and gifts, we are now driving a 2013 Volkswagen Caravelle. It brought 17 people to church a week ago Sunday! We asked you to pray that our converts would grow and that our witnessing opportunities would be multiplied. We are watching God answer both of those prayers as well.

Internet Progress

One of the most exciting projects has been that of our Gospel website. In addition to a movie we made explaining the Gospel, visitors to the site can find multiple articles answering common questions that Muslims ask Christians. More importantly, those same people can now read, search, and study the entire Bible (both testaments) online in their own language. They can also download the Bible for free in several ways. One of our biggest undertakings was to have the entire New Testament read aloud for those who cannot read or simply prefer listening. I want to reiterate: the entire New Testament is now available as audio files. As we continue to expand the website, we are already beginning to develop a Bible phone app and Christian radio! In additional news, my YouTube channel, “Answers from Scripture,” recently passed the 10,000-view threshold. Please find this English-helps channel and join it, if you haven’t already done so.

Recent Travels

I just returned to my regular field yesterday from Alexandria, Egypt. While there, I was granted the opportunity to teach delegates, who filled the learning center in an independent Baptist church and college there. Most of these graduates were already in full-time Christian service, with many of them being pastors. One morning we saw several baptized in the Mediterranean Sea. One day I participated in an outreach program for children. Another day I was able to record messages for an Arabic Christian television station. The host pastor graciously allowed me to preach in his church also.

Prayer Requests

Pray for the team family that just returned; pray that they will be granted visas on this attempt. Pray for our oldest daughter (she serves in Nigeria along with her husband and children but is currently Stateside), as she is due to deliver her fourth child this week. Pray as we prepare to host a Mastermind Conference with delegates from around the world. The meeting doesn’t begin until September, but the preparation has already begun! Thanks for all your love, prayers, and faithful support! We greatly appreciate you!

Missionary #6501