Jeremy and Sandra Barker Prayer Letter: Deputation--Full Steam Ahead!Thank you for your patience with this prayer letter. I had been putting it off in the hopes that I could announce that our son had been born; however, the little guy is being quite stubborn (not sure where he gets it from). We had a false alarm recently and went to the hospital, only to be told that it was not active labor. He is currently two days past due, so please pray for Sandra and Alex during these last few days of pregnancy, especially since in just two weeks, we need to travel from North Carolina to Pennsylvania for a Wednesday night meeting, stop by another church for a service on Thursday night, and then make our way to two separate appointments in Indiana on Friday.

Since coming back from Nigeria eight weeks ago, God has blessed us in scheduling meetings. So far, we have been able to schedule 25 meetings in 12 different states. At various times this year, we will be in North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Oklahoma, Michigan, Georgia, Arizona, Iowa, and West Virginia; but we are willing to drive elsewhere in the event we are able to get a meeting booked.

Whenever we don’t have a meeting booked, we just drop in on a church, which became problematic on Father’s Day, as I had to go to five different Independent Baptist churches before I found one that had a Sunday night service.

For the past 25 days, our minivan has been getting work done on it and has been out of commission. During this time, we’ve been borrowing a small car, which has been fun to cram all five of us into. Without knowing of our need, during their Vacation Bible School, one of our supporting churches, Temple Baptist Church of Martinsville, Virginia, took up the largest penny offering in the history of their church and gave it to us, which will cover most of the mechanical expenses. Please pray that we don’t run into anymore problems after the vehicle is repaired, as we don’t want to miss any meetings.

We currently have five churches and one Christian business that have taken us on for support. Another pastor stated that they would take us on after their Missions Conference in February, and in the event the church doesn’t have the commitment needed, he would support us himself.

While out soul winning recently, I came across a young lady named Sasha and asked her how she was planning on making it to Heaven. After learning she was trusting in herself, I showed her from the Bible that salvation is the gift of God and not of works. She wonderfully accepted Christ and Him alone as her Saviour. I gave the local pastor her contact information. Please pray for her spiritual growth.


  • God has blessed. We now have 5 churches and 1 Christian business that have taken us on for support.
  • God has opened doors to book 25 meetings, including 6 Missions Conferences.

Prayer Requests

  • Our son Alex is past due to be born.
  • We have had some complications with our minivan.
  • Pray for Sasha, a recent convert, to get into church.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support,

Jeremy, Sandra, Carina, Barrett, Henry, and Alex Barker