Missionary #6004 Prayer Letter: Thou Shouldest See the Glory of God!“Jesus saith unto her, Said I not unto thee, that, if thou wouldest believe, thou shouldest see the glory of God?”
(John 11:40)

WOW! What an amazing return to the mission field we’ve had! We have been busy since we hit the ground here in Taiwan. Praise the Lord for the amazing blessings and answers to prayer we have seen in just the few weeks we have been here. The Lord provided a place for us to stay upon arrival. A great veteran missionary graciously allowed us to use his home and car while he and his wife were on furlough. Without that blessing, we would have struggled quite a bit. It took four weeks to find a place that would fit the budget, as well as the needs of our family, but patient trust prevailed. We are located downtown with convenient public transportation. We are near a couple of good language schools and directly across from a university, which not only has great potential for tutors but also great potential for ministry. All of the boxes we shipped in April arrived about three weeks after we arrived—the timing couldn’t have been better.

With all these blessings, there have been just as many hurdles, which have been steadily overcome by patient trust in the Lord and because of the faithful prayers of our supporters. Thank you all so much for your generosity in helping us return. I want to say a big thank you to two particular sources of God’s blessings. Two families contributed a hefty sum to the ministry as we traveled on deputation, one family from Palm Harbor, Florida, and another from Burleson, Texas. Through their specific generosity, we have not lacked for any of the necessities we have had need of thus far in establishing ourselves back on the mission field.

Not only has the Lord been providing physically, but spiritually we are seeing the Lord work as well. S___, my fellow team member, and I met to work one morning in an area that has potential for a new church plant. My family is now looking to buy a car to get us around a little more conveniently, so I asked S___ if we could go look at some car lots. The Lord led us right to a man named A___. After spending some time with him, his boss came. We had a lengthy conversation in which we learned that A___ was saved but his boss was not. With A___’s help, we spent several hours witnessing to his boss, Mrs. H___. Though she still has not trusted yet, we have made an important connection with A___. By his testimony, he has been so encouraged at meeting us that he feels God wants him to serve Him with his life! We began discipleship with A___, and he brought his girlfriend, Y___ T___, along. He told us she is Buddhist. After hearing the first two books of discipleship, A___ asked her if she would go to Heaven. She said “No.” S____ asked her why she felt that way. She said it was because she wasn’t baptized. The Lord opened the opportunity to take all of the things she had been hearing and make them clear at that point. After S_____ and I were able to clearly present the Gospel to her, she bowed her head and asked the Lord to save her! Praise the Lord!

Bound to His service,

Missionary #6004