Daniel and Mary-Ann Williams Prayer Letter: God Is Blessing Our TravelsThank you so much for your thoughts and prayers! God has kept us safe on deputation while we have continued to travel many miles. We had meetings in California, Colorado, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Georgia, Florida, and Texas, including nine Missions Conferences and many individual meetings. We were also in two Spanish churches during this time, which was our first time doing so, and it was the first time that I have spoken using a translator since our days in China. Both of these churches and all of the churches that we were at had such a sweet, welcoming spirit, for which we thank the Lord very much. Getting to spend a little time with the DeMoville family at Youth Conference and Missions University at First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana, was such a blessing to us as well.

We did not have many opportunities for sightseeing during this time, although we were able to visit the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter in the Cincinnati, Ohio, area. What a great testimony to our Creator these locations are! Many of our friends had recommended them to us, and we were finally able to visit them. I recommend them to those of you who may be able to visit there. We were also able to visit the Four Corners, the only spot in the U.S. where one can stand in four states—Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah— simultaneously!

God has still been increasing our support level. It has grown close to 10% since our last update letter, so it is now nearing 70% of our target support level! Please pray that the churches still considering taking us on for support will do so this year. God has continued blessing our participation in various church outreach ministries, letting us canvass many blocks, pass out many Gospel tracts, witness to several people, and see some of them trust Christ as their Saviour. One of them, Gary, a man in his twenties, stopped the work that he was doing at a house to accept a Gospel tract and hear the plan of salvation. After listening to the Gospel for 10-15 minutes, Gary bowed his head, praying for salvation! Two minutes later, his boss drove up. Praise the Lord that we were uninterrupted during this time! We trust that God will use these efforts to bring forth eternal results in the future. Please continue praying that God will bless our soul-winning efforts wherever we may be. We have also been used by God to encourage several Christians who have been out of church for a time, reminding them that God loves and cares for them and that He wants them to attend church together with other believers. We were able to assist with some church bus routes, Sunday school classes, and Junior Church; Mary-Ann and Hannah have even helped out with church nurseries a few times.

We will be up and down the East Coast for November and the beginning of December before returning to Texas. We are now booked pretty solidly through the end of February, with a few meetings booked beyond then. Please continue praying that God will lead us in our scheduling meetings with churches. We are still planning and hoping to be able to wrap up our deputation by next August, Lord willing, but we are content to trust the Lord’s timing. Our van is still holding together somehow, but we are still praying for a larger and newer vehicle.

A brief Bible thought to close out this letter: I Corinthians 3:9, “For we are labourers together with God . . . .” All of us Christians are coworkers together with and for God. Just as we are doing what God has for us to do, traveling all over the country and then on to the Philippines, we trust and pray that all of you are continuing to work in your local area where God has planted you.


R. Daniel Williams and Family to the Philippines
All for Christ!