Daniel and Mary-Beth Williams Prayer Letter: A Busy Start to 2023The year 2023 has started off quite busy for us, with us attending services at fourteen different churches in the last two months. We officially presented our ministry to nine of them, with five of the nine being Missions Conferences! I also spoke at two Bible colleges and three Christian schools, along with several Sunday school classes. We began the year in California, enduring illness which swept through our family and several of the churches with which we had visited. God was good, in that our sickness never caused us to miss presenting our ministry though. We went from California to Colorado, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Illinois, before escaping cold country by going to Arizona. After soaking up the sun and going for a hike with the youth group at Liberty Baptist Church of Yuma during their Missions Conference, we ventured back to zero-degree weather in Colorado for another conference before heading back down to Texas to warm back up and end this travel segment with another Missions Conference in Corpus Christi. God really blessed us with great churches, friendly people, and getting to see a great heart for world missions in so many different places. We are now at 80% of our target support level and are planning to arrive on the field before the end of this year! Praise the Lord!

I would like to share a couple of testimonies with you. On the first Saturday of 2023, my family was out door-knocking with Gospel Way Baptist Church of Grand Junction, Colorado, and Timothy and I knocked on an elderly lady’s door. Jeanie was recovering from a broken hip and had not been able to leave her home for a couple of months. I presented the Gospel to her, and she was sweetly saved. Later in the month while we were in Wisconsin, I presented our ministry and preached a message. In it, I briefly discussed the spiritual birth or “second birthday,” and I mentioned that Christians are not Christians due to their parents, but due to each person choosing to receive Christ as their Saviour at a specific time and place in their life. The next day, the pastor called me and told me that a lady who had been attending the church for a little while had prayed and accepted Christ as her Saviour after the service as a result of her realizing that she had never had a specific time and place where she had done so before.

With us now entering the final stage of deputation. Please pray that God will direct my calls as I finish scheduling our meetings. We always ask that He will be a blessing through us to the churches we visit, and we pray that the schedule will put us in contact with churches that will choose to partner with us. We also hope and pray that churches which we have presented our ministry to will decide to support us. While we do have a newer vehicle, we are still finishing paying it and some repairs off, so our finances have not been as strong lately. Please pray that the Lord will provide, as we would like to be able to purchase our plane tickets by May before prices rise. We also ask for your prayers that our health remains strong through this home stretch of finishing up.


R. Daniel Williams and Family to the Philippines
All for Christ!