Brian and Liz Hebert Prayer Letter: A Blessing to ServeIt’s so wonderful to be able to serve the Lord here in Canada. The church is doing well and growing since COVID hit us a couple of years ago. Several new families have been added to the church, folks are growing in the Lord, the Gospel is continuing to be preached weekly, souls are getting saved, and believers are being encouraged. I’m blessed to work with the teenagers specifically here, but it’s truly a blessing to see God work through the big picture of the ministry also. It would be a blessing for any of you to come for a missions trip to see the work and the great need here in the Toronto area. Please reach out if you’d like to discuss the possibility.

Teen ministry is exciting and tiring, but always rewarding. We’ve had a couple of different youth activities, from Nerf Wars to Board-Game Night, and they have served to help our teenagers have good fellowship away from the world’s influence. It’s been great to see some of our newer teens get to join us. Aeen and his mom Shabnam (Persian family) have been coming regularly and soon will be baptized when we have our baptismal service. I’d like you to pray specifically for the teens in our church who attend public schools. It’s hard to describe how evil the public school system is. From the pushing of CRT, transgenderism, abortion, homosexuality, wokeism, etc., we see alarming things happening here. I believe that it happens at an even higher rate than you have it in the States, because in the schools here, there is little, if any, fear of the Lord. The teens who come from the public schools hear a few hours of teaching a week, if they’re faithful to all of the services we have, while the propaganda machine fueled by peer pressure has multiple hours to indoctrinate them and influence them. We need God’s help to win their hearts. One young man, who just got into the youth group, has a burden to bring one of his friends named Artin to church, but the spiritual battle is very real for this young man, as the Spirit and the world battle for his heart and mind.

We were blessed to hold our annual Men of the Word Breakfast & Revival again this year. Praise God, it was well attended by our church’s men and other churches in the region. We were greatly encouraged by Pastor Phil Powless from London, Ontario. The spirit of unity among the men was a wonderful reflection of the spirit of unity among most of the independent Baptist churches in Canada. We are few in number, so we stick together and support each other as much as possible.

Future Happenings

A unique Youth Conference is coming up very soon that will be different than any we’ve ever been to, as it will be more training-focused than preaching-focused. The goal is to teach and train teenagers to learn practical servant leadership in the church. I believe we have great teenagers who could really use this encouraging push to grow in their faith. Some of the teens and I, along with another adult lady and her young nephew, will be memorizing Mark 14:43-65, Mark 15, & Mark 16:1-7 to quote them together on Easter Sunday this year. We’ve never done anything like this before, so please pray that we will be able to memorize it all and, most importantly, that Jesus will be exalted and souls will be drawn to Him through the program. We will also be having our Soul-Winning and Faithfulness Rally in April; please pray that it will be well attended and an encouragement to our church to win souls to Christ. Lastly, pray for the extension of teen IMPACT. This was our winter program for the teens, but this year we’re going to continue the program throughout the year. I look forward to being able to continue discipling and teaching the Bible to our teens throughout the year, but I need your prayers, as I’m sure that there will be an amplification of spiritual warfare to rival every bit of good intended.

His servant and yours,

Brian Hebert