Daniel and Mary-Ann Williams Prayer Letter: A Busy Two MonthsWe are finally into spring! We presented our ministry 15 times in these 2 months, with individual services, Missions-Emphasis Times, and Missions Conferences. In addition, we attended a men’s meeting, two Bible Conferences, a Youth Conference, and a men’s activity; and I was able to speak at a teen activity and to a Christian school. We were mostly on the East Coast and in Ontario, Canada, with only two of our ministry presentations during this time being elsewhere. We started off in Georgia with a couple of meetings, moving from there to North Carolina and Arkansas and then back to Texas for a Missions Conference near Dallas, Texas, with our pastor, John Wilkerson, being the keynote speaker! From there, we headed into Ontario, Canada, with three more meetings and a quick visit to Niagara Falls, which was quite amazing to see! After freezing up there for a couple of weeks, we drove down South and packed our winter coats for two meetings in North Carolina and two in Northern Florida (Yay—short sleeves!). We then unpacked them again for three more meetings in Ontario, Canada, winding down this segment. Hopefully, we are done with winter wear for a long time, as we plan to be in the Philippines before this coming winter, Lord willing!

We met many wonderful churches and Christians, and we enjoyed visiting Canada. The boys even begged for us to stop at Swiss Chalet for poutine, a Canadian specialty, and Tim Horton’s for coffee and donuts on our way out of Canada! Most of the Canadian churches we were at had several Filipino members, so Mary-Ann really enjoyed meeting and chatting with them. Our children enjoyed getting to meet and interact with other Christian teenagers at many of the churches we visited, for which Mary-Ann and I are grateful, as they miss our home church’s youth group. We had the joy of participating in the annual Soul Winning & Faithfulness Rally at Gospel Light Baptist Church of Richmond Hill, Ontario, while we were up there, and seeing scores of soul winners going out door knocking was such a blessing! We also participated in a Soul-Winning Marathon at another church in Canada.

We were able to participate in soul-winning and church outreach many times, and we were able to present the Gospel several times as well. One such presentation was in Arkansas, where we were door knocking with Bible Baptist Church of El Dorado, Arkansas, and Mary-Ann and Hannah met a young man by the name of Lee. He had visited church several times before but was unsure of his salvation. Mary-Ann witnessed to him, and he was sweetly saved.

May will continue to be pretty busy for us out on the road, but June will be mostly in Texas, as we will begin packing up things to send to the Philippines and working on the various paperwork items which we need to process, such as passports and a visa for me. Now that we have reached about 88% of our target support level, we are planning to purchase our airplane tickets sometime during the month of May to fly to the Philippines, most likely this fall. Please pray that the Lord provides the finances, as the $6,000 for the tickets is a substantial cost. Two of our supporting churches have contributed a combined total of $1,500 towards this need, for which we are very grateful, but we need to purchase the tickets before prices increase. We are also praying for the Lord to bring in the setup costs, which we will need once we are on the field. Please pray for our continued traveling safety and health and also that God will give us the meetings that He would have us attend.


R. Daniel Williams & Family to the Philippines
All for Christ!