Daniel and Mary-Beth Williams Prayer Letter: God Is Good God continues to be good in so many ways! Our deputation travels have continued, keeping us driving across the country, with us having several meetings in Texas, Illinois, Michigan, and Colorado. We participated in two Missions Conferences, one Family Camp, and many individual meetings at different churches. The Family Camp was on the Grand Mesa, the largest flattop mountain in the world and over 10,000 feet above sea level! The mountains and the view were amazing, although the thinner air was definitely noticeable after exerting oneself. God has protected us on our travels and has kept our old van running, even in the mountains. Praise the Lord!

God has been increasing our support level, and it has grown about 10% since our last update letter, so it is now close to 60% of our target support level! We have continued to participate in various church outreach programs. The Lord has continued to bless, allowing my wife to lead a few people to Christ, and I was able to invite and bring a visitor to church who has returned multiple times! We have passed out hundreds of tracts, and we have prayed that our efforts will bring forth fruit in the future. At one church, where we were able to participate in their door-to-door soul winning and canvassing, our family was able to assist in completing an additional six city blocks over their expectation! Please pray that God will bless our soul-winning efforts as we continue wherever we may be.

In addition to the Missions Conferences and regular ministry presentations at churches, at the Family Camp we attended, Mary-Ann was able to speak to the ladies and girls, and I was able to speak to the men and boys. I feel that God used our speaking to help those there. Please pray that God blesses the speaking opportunities which come our way. God is so good, giving us things which He knows we would likely not purchase for ourselves, but He knows that we would appreciate! At one of the Missions Conferences we attended, God put it on someone’s heart to purchase new boots for each of the missionaries. So after not having a pair of boots for over 20 years, I now have a nice dressy pair of boots, and they go well with my hat! Hallelujah!

One of the soul-winning testimonies I want to share with you is from Michigan. I had left Mary-Ann at the hotel where we were staying, while I took our four children to the church, so that they could ride on and help with the church’s two bus routes. That Sunday, several of the regular bus workers were out of town, so our children’s being able to help was a big blessing. After church, my wife and I both rode as well, and I was able to lead a bus program and bring a brief Gospel message. After dropping off the children in the morning, I returned to the hotel to meet my wife at the breakfast area. She was already there and speaking with a friendly elderly man, and she was already beginning to present the Gospel to him. He was in the area for medical reasons, and he mentioned that maybe his meeting her was an appointment from God! Over our meal, she finished presenting the Gospel to him, and he received Christ that morning!

Please pray that God will direct us to the churches with which He would have us partner. We are still booking meetings from November through the middle of next year, which is when we hope to be able to finish up deputation and leave for the field. Please continue to pray for our traveling safety. Our van now has over 207,000 miles, and we are still praying that God will provide us with a newer and larger vehicle. Please pray with us that God will provide for this need. We pray regularly for all of the churches with whom we have had the privilege to meet with on deputation, and we trust that you are praying for us!


R. Daniel Williams and Family to the Philippines
All for Christ!