John Hays Prayer Letter:  A Reflection of God's HandGod’s hand is bringing His mercies of Living Water and drinking water to the poor and needy people in this wonderful creation of His.

God is giving me a reflection of His hand. I have seen 700 water-purification systems leave the Pure Water basement factory in Washington, Iowa, and go to villages in Ivory Coast, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Panama, Brazil, the Solomon Islands, and India during these past few months. God has given me more than a dozen supporting churches, and this support provides 15 new villages a month with both waters—drinking water and the Living Water! I am grateful and humbled by each giver! God has taken these gifts and has been multiplying these gifts! The needs are larger, with a shortage of 200 systems monthly. The normal shortage is only $20,000, which is 200 villages calling for drinking water.

God leads churches to provide for 15 systems while He provides 200 more. This comes from unforeseen donors. I live by faith, as God always provides for His poor and needy. This rate has been going on almost two years!

I am deeply in love with Jesus. I offer Him my dirty rags, and He gives me the funds to meet the needs and fills my cup to overflowing. You would have never chosen me for this water ministry if you had known my past to the present. Jesus knows and is still loving me and blessing His work. I can hardly rise from bended knees to stand and GO. All I have are tears because of His love for me.

Many life-altering testimonies are occurring daily from many countries. One is from a village chief. He sat next to me and shared that he and his people drank from a small stream. He could not eat food because of an upset stomach before we gave him and his village both waters. He has returned to full health, and a church plant has been established.

I praise Jesus Christ for letting me be the smallest part of this water ministry. I beg you to praise the Living Water for His love over us. My soul burns to continue. Pray for my coast to be enlarged and that Jesus would keep remolding me to be a disciple.

His water boy,

John Hays