Brian and Liesl George Prayer Letter: Excited About Winning SoulsWe have purchased our tickets to go back to the USA. Praise the Lord! We will leave Argentina on the 8th of August! After a lot of research, we decided to use a travel agent to purchase the tickets. Each round-trip ticket costs $1,593.17. By faith, in the next month or two, this will be paid off.

This is a big event for our family! We will live in Washington, Iowa. We will need to purchase a vehicle for travel. We plan to visit some of our supporting churches in the USA; we plan to travel in Iowa and the surrounding states! I plan to preach on the subject, “Pray! Give! Go!” I plan to give a box of Gospel tracts in English to each pastor and church that we visit. If time permits, we will go door to door to pass out Gospel booklets! We will be in the USA to serve you and to see people saved by the power of the Gospel!

We are super excited for our son Samuel. He has been living in Iowa for the last few years. He will be getting married to Hannah Porter on October 1, 2022!

July 4th is my wife’s birthday! For her birthday, Liesl wanted to spend all day with me and nobody else. We sent our girls to stay with a family in our church. We shut our phones off and had no distractions! We went out to eat, just the two of us. We ate salmon, chicken, salad, fries, a banana split, and an ice cream cone. We are in wintertime here, but it was still good! We had a great time together talking! My wife was blessed with some new skirts and other items. I praise the Lord for my wife! We will celebrate our 30th anniversary this coming September!

This past Saturday, we were out soul winning! We were going door to door, and I met Ramón, who was sitting in front of his house. I was able to lead him to Christ, praise the Lord! We led others to Christ in our group. We visited a new neighborhood; we passed out Gospel tracts and talked to anybody who would listen! God is still at work. The Gospel is powerful! Below is a picture of the neighborhood. I jumped high enough to snap this picture! 😊

Just a few days back, I was out soul winning door to door with three men from our church. I was asked to go to a funeral. A very influential lady had passed away; one of the relatives knew about our church and requested that a pastor come to the funeral. I went downtown to the biggest and fanciest funeral home. They quickly escorted me in to be with the family. They asked me to pray and to say a few words. There were over 50 people present. I preached a short message, which lasted less than 10 minutes, on John 3:16. We passed out a Gospel tract to everybody there. We stayed until they brought the casket to the cemetery. Some of the relatives thanked us for coming! Nobody there went to our church. Praise the Lord for this opportunity to preach the Gospel. We continue to go forward by faith. Thank you for your prayers!

I went to a Pastors’ Fellowship here in our city of Tucuman. It was a cold morning. Eight pastors showed up for the meeting. We had a great time together! Each pastor presented their needs. Some of them needed (1) to purchase property for their church, (2) money for paperwork, (3) repairs on their vehicle, (4) a roof to expand their building, (5) to purchase a van to bring people to church, and (6) to purchase bricks and cement to build a building, etc. I will be praying for these needs. Pastor Owens preached on the importance of praying before you preach. A picture of the group at the Pastors’ Fellowship is below!

Hope to see you soon!

Here to serve,

Brian R. George and Family