Mike and Maria Sarver Prayer Letter: Over Ten Years AgoPlease let me first report some wonderful news. God has provided the money to renew the lease for our church property! The payment has been made. Now pray with us that all of the required government paperwork can be filed and accepted quickly. We praise God for this!! Many thanks to those who prayed and to those who gave.


Recently, I was asked to preach the funeral of Deckar Arkans, one of our former Bible college students. I mentioned him in a couple of my prayer letters over 10 years ago. At that time, he was a soul winner in my class, and he was in our Bible college. He had been won to Christ by Victor Apasu, who is still a soul winner in my Sunday school class. However, not many months after I wrote those prayer letters, Brother Deckar drifted away from us. Earlier this year, I learned that Brother Deckar had passed away; he was only 43.

The funeral was held on Saturday, June 18. The crowd of over 200 listened well as I preached. We thank God that over 20 professed their faith in Christ.

I thank God for Heaven and for the Gospel. I thank God that some of those Brother Deckar reached are still in our church, including his son Gideon. Pray for this young man in the loss of his father.

Soul Winning

This past Saturday, Gideon went soul winning with John, Faith, Ben, and me. John and Gideon won a man to Christ named Dennis. Meanwhile, I witnessed to a taxi driver named Daniel. His car was in the shop, so he had time to listen. I explained to him the Gospel and eternal security. After he had called upon Jesus to save him, he told me, “I like how you preach. These other pastors have been lying to us!” While John and I were preaching, Faith and Ben waited patiently and even invited some children they saw to church; at least one of those children came the next day. I am pictured below with Daniel (middle) and Daniel’s friend Maxwell. Maxwell already attends our church. Pray for Daniel to come to church and for Maxwell to start joining us for soul winning.

Additional Prayer Requests

We ask that you pray that Ghana would lift their COVID-vaccine requirement for those entering the country. This is hindering those from the States who desire to visit our ministry. Our Pastors’ and Workers’ Conference will be held in August; the conference theme is music. Pray for our preparation, and pray that through this conference, many individuals and churches would be right with God in the area of music.

Mike, Maria, John, Joy, Faith, & Ben Sarver

Missionary Mike Sarver with a new convert, Daniel (middle), and class member Maxwell (left)


The Funeral of a Former Bible College Student