Wes Palla Prayer Letter:  From Mexico to the AmazonWe are so grateful to be your missionaries, representing you in other countries. It is a great life to live, where every day is a different opportunity to point folks to Christ and to share God’s Word. These past two months have been busy ones, which have been, on the one hand, exciting, and on the other, frustrating. Through it all, we are very aware that people pray for us and sacrificially give to make this work possible. We are seeing fruit, for which you all receive the credit.

Not long ago I was out door knocking with our daughter Mia on a Saturday afternoon. I was looking for a man named Pablo whom I had met awhile back but had never been able to catch at home. He still wasn’t there, but I met his neighbor Gerardo, who had never heard the Gospel. After a few minutes of sharing the Gospel, he bowed his head and asked Jesus to be His Saviour. Another week I had the privilege of talking to three boys about the Lord on their way to soccer practice. They made the wise decision to arrive a little late so that they could spend ten minutes listening to God’s plan of salvation. Two of the young men trusted Christ.

Our Bible studies continue to grow, both in number and in spiritual maturity. In August we had the high honor to go to Mexico and speak at a marriage retreat, and this month I will be going with a group to do evangelistic work among some of the Amazon River tribes. Things have been very busy, but that is what we are here for: to be busy sharing the Gospel, helping others grow, and watching the Lord use them for His glory.

The one area where things have not progressed quickly is in our search for a church building. Please make this a matter of prayer with us. Our people are eager to take on responsibilities in bringing people to church, singing, helping with nursery, etc.; but we are waiting on God to open the right door. Pray that God will show us what He wants and that doors will open quickly.

Thank you for all that you do to keep us on the field and to be an encouragement to our family. We are excited to see people growing in the Lord, and we are eager to take the next step in the church’s growth.

Declaring His glory,

Wes Palla
Psalm 96:3