Tim Shook Prayer Letter: Let Your Light So Shine!We have seen God’s hand of blessing and spiritual growth in the people here in a special way these past few months. Several members, who have only been coming for a year or so, have gotten excited about personal soul winning. They are actively handing out tracts and witnessing to those they see in their day-to-day lives. On Sunday evenings, we take a count of souls reached with the Gospel and, of those, who saw someone accept Jesus. One evening Khun Jantorn not only raised her hand to share that she had given out the Gospel, but she also gave a sweet testimony of how she had led her friend to Christ. This was her first time! The best part is that her friend has started coming faithfully to the church services, and she also got baptized a few weeks ago.

Dexter is a British-born Australian who met his Thai wife Naree 16 years ago. Dexter and Naree spend half of each year in Australia and the other half in Thailand. Three years ago, Dexter was invited by Dave, one of our faithful members, to attend our church’s Christmas program. Dexter became excited about having a good church to be a part of while in Thailand. As we got to know Dexter, he shared his burden for his wife’s salvation. Naree would visit a few times each year when the couple was in Thailand. This past visit, Naree began to come to church more often, and she grew closer to Missy and some of the other ladies in the church. One day Dexter said his wife was moving toward Christianity and away from Buddhism. He would tear up as he asked us again and again to pray for his wife. On February 18, our special Valentine’s Sunday, Naree walked the aisle during the invitation and asked Jesus into her heart. She was so excited about becoming a believer that she got baptized that same day! What a day of rejoicing we had to see this precious soul, whom we had grown to love and pray for, trust Jesus to be her Saviour. God is so good. Before they headed back to Australia, we gave Naree several discipleship booklets and a book on marriage. Please pray for Dexter and Naree as they grow in the Lord.

Lauren is continuing to excel in learning the piano, and we are thankful that she is able to take lessons from her cousin in the States (via video time). She played a beautiful arrangement of “Amazing Grace” for the offertory in February.

Missy has been able to get to know two of the ladies at a local hair salon. The last time she was there for a haircut, one of the ladies asked her what she was doing in Thailand and pointed out that she noticed that Missy always wore skirts and dresses. Missy was able to tell her about our church and ministry, and as a result, the stylist shared a little about her life. She asked Missy if she would give her some advice about her troubled marriage and her teenage son, who was going through a difficult time. When the appointment was over, the lady thanked Missy over and over again for her kindness and for listening. She gladly received a church tract and told Missy that she looked forward to talking again. Missy has also had the opportunity to lead 4 people to the Lord without a translator! This has been an exciting victory. As we continue to learn and grow in the Thai language, the Lord continues to bless and give us the confidence to do the work He has called us to do. The Thai people are searching for the truth and for something different. There is an open door for the Gospel, and we have opportunities daily to be that bright, shining light where darkness abounds.

We are thankful for every chance we get to give someone the Gospel. A few weeks ago, I was out soul winning with Tan and Jack (Tan is a young man who is on staff, and Jack is the son of our staff members, Pong and Dah). We were able to lead an 83-year-old shop owner to the Lord. He was ready to listen, and he accepted Jesus into his heart readily. That NEVER gets old! Jack and Tan were able to lead a few others to the Lord later that day as well.

Our church has had two special Sundays these past two months: Valentine’s Sunday and Easter Sunday. God blessed on both days with a packed-out auditorium, salvations, and baptisms. It is an exciting time to be a missionary in Thailand! We also had a fun church activity at the Hua Hin Kite Festival. We rented a tour bus, and about 27 church members came to enjoy the show, the delicious carnival-type food, and the activities. There’s nothing like spending time with the family of God.

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support. We also want to say, “Thanks for staying in touch!” So many of our supporting friends and churches work to keep us encouraged by way of email, letters, and packages. We love you all very much!

For Him,

Tim Shook