Missionary #6506 Prayer Letter:  God Is Good!God is good! Two more churches are now supporting us, and we have 44 scheduled meetings yet to visit. As I continue to plow through phone calls, we are transitioning into a lifestyle of traveling.

I am excited to follow God through deputation and into the field where He has called us. In a short period of time, God gave us a lot of meetings, and now He is leading us out of our home. The owner of our rental house will be putting it up for auction this April, and we must be moved out before June. As we fill up gaps in our schedule for this year, I will be also looking to schedule prophet’s chambers.

I am thankful for the churches to which God has led us. As I meet different pastors, I am honored to get to know these faithful men of God. Every church we have been to has been a great blessing to us in many ways. To those churches reading this prayer letter: Thank you for the love offerings, the thoughtful provisions of gifts and meals, and an abundance of encouraging and kind words. Your friendship is of great value to our family. Our family enjoys making personal connections with the churches we visit. Every church we experience is unique, and I am excited to learn from the strengths each church highlights in their ministry.

Thank you for your prayers concerning our last prayer letter. The endless surge of sickness has subsided. Other than our second son having to get some stitches in his bottom lip from slipping on some stairs, we have been blessed with good health so far. Praise the Lord! Our daughter won her first soul to Christ! Although only a handful of people have been saved since the last prayer letter, we have been faithful to preach the Word in season and out of season, despite our crazy schedule.

Serving in Christ,