Tim and Missy Shook Prayer Letter: Soul-Winning and Salvation StoriesSoul-Winning & Salvation Stories

In January and February, our church-wide soul winning has been in several villages just north of our current church building location. One Thursday evening, our group saw 12 people accept Christ. One young lady Missy spoke with was so excited after accepting Jesus that she offered to walk around with the ladies to the other houses and introduce them to her friends.

That same night, a couple of our staff men met an elderly lady sitting on her porch. She was instantly moved to tears when they began sharing Jesus with her. She is a Thai lady who lived in Malaysia for many years. She shared that she was already a believer and had lived through much persecution while living abroad. Just five months ago, she moved back to Thailand. She had been praying and asking God to send fellow believers to her so she could find a place to worship Him. Since then, Khun Pasook has come to every Sunday and Wednesday service. She is a joyful lady despite her ailments and weak health. What a blessing it is to have such a dear, Christian lady join our church.

One of the first Sundays in January, two adult men visited our Sunday morning service. After the service, Alyawin and Stephen shared that they were childhood friends who grew up in Malaysia. Alyawin gave his testimony of salvation and calling to serve the Lord. He is still in Malaysia but came to Thailand on a ministry survey trip. While on his trip, he connected with Stephen, who is living in Thailand as an expat. Stephen shared that he was not yet a believer, but that recently, he had started seeking the truth. He asked me to pray for him. We exchanged contact information that day. Alyawin returned to Malaysia but has stayed in touch. Stephen returned to church a few weeks later and came a couple more times. After the morning service on one of those Sundays, he approached me and sweetly shared that he had accepted Jesus into his heart that morning during the sermon!! We rejoiced together. Stephen has been faithful to come to the services on Sundays. Please pray for him to grow in the Lord. He has a girlfriend and a baby girl also. His girlfriend is not yet a believer, and he is burdened for her soul. Missy and I have a dinner planned with Stephen and his girlfriend. We are praying that God will open the door to give her the Gospel. Just last Sunday, he was talking with me about the miracle of God’s plan in his life and how God used his childhood friend to bring him to our church so he could know Jesus as his Saviour! What a joy it is to see new believers growing in Him.

Land Update

The houses on the land are completed. The next phase will be to start construction on our multipurpose Sunday school/office building. Our prayer and goal is that we can be meeting out at the new property for church services by the end of 2024. We would like to begin construction in the next few months, as it is the dry season and the best time to lay the foundation and begin the structural work. Would you please pray about this next stage and consider giving? We will have an update video soon.

Upcoming Events

Please join us in prayer as we prepare for Bible English Camp, which will be held for several days at the beginning of April. This is one of our yearly outreach ministries for the community. We will be extending invitations to many of the local young people who will be on school break. The students will learn English and will enjoy many fun activities, along with a clear presentation of the Gospel, every day. This Bible English Camp gives us a great opportunity each year to reach families who might not be interested or willing to visit one of our churches.

Prayer Requests

• Please continue to pray for the completion of our land/building project. Once we are able to meet on the land, we will save thousands of dollars that we use to rent the storefront buildings we use now for the church, offices, and classrooms.

• Please pray for laborers within our ministry and from without.

• Matthew, Katie Belle, and Mikey Bosje (my nephew and his family) were just here on their survey trip. The Matthew Bosje family will be joining Team Thailand in early 2025. Please pray for their travels as they raise the needed support to move to Thailand, and consider them for a meeting and support. I believe this family will be a worthwhile investment!

May God bless you this new year as you continue to serve Him.

In Christ alone,

Tim Shook