Missionary #6505 Prayer Letter: A Sobering Reminder of Christ's Soon ReturnWhat an event-filled month this has been! This past Friday, February 23, we saw our first two Afghanis (I will call them “Nabi” and “Raheem”) profess Christ in 2024 during one of our Clubhouse meetings. What a tremendous blessing that was! I was preaching on the Judgement Seat of Christ, which made a perfect bridge into the topic of salvation. There were many prayers, discussions, and questions—the entire meeting lasted three hours. We had listeners and participants from Afghanistan, Iran, Australia, and Pakistan. As I consider the days we are in and the technology God has given us to make an all-the-world Gospel possible, it gives me chills to see how even the “darkest corners” of the world are learning of the Jesus Who saves. Today, many more in the 10-40 Window are learning Who He is and why He came!

This morning, February 25, I got to preach for the first time online in a house church in Islamabad, Pakistan. Pastor A___ graciously asked if I would join their service, and I was moved to see the number of people crammed into what looked like a 15 x 20 space. These were new believers who were eager to learn of the true doctrine of salvation. The service was translated into Urdu. Many were former Muslims thirsty to learn and then witness to others Biblically. As of today, we are able to share the Gospel in Iran, Afghanistan, Egypt, Morocco, Turkey, Pakistan, Iraq, and Dearborn. Please pray for us as we watch God do the impossible. So many of you play an active part in seeing the Word of God go out.

Please continue to pray for Pastor M___ as he leads the Persian church in Turkey. The Devil fights them at every turn in this miracle church. They are now under pressure to look for a new apartment. Their annual residency will soon face tough scrutiny for renewal, and his dear wife, Miss B___, is pregnant with their first child. It is so hard to build a church and serve others under such pressures. We love them very much and hope to preach there and supply needs again this year, as the Lord enables. Please pray for another year of miracles for these servants.

On the home front, my wife just enjoyed a birthday, and we spoiled her to the moon and back. J___ is quickly closing in on his first semester at H___-A___ College, and this week, I will be joining a dear friend, K___ C___, and his daughter E___ to visit HAC and P___ Baptist College with my daughter A___. Please pray for wisdom and discernment as these two young ladies explore their futures serving God.

Missionary #6505