Tim and Missy Shook Prayer Letter: Focusing on Missions“And how shall they preach, except they be sent? as it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!” (Romans 10:15)

In the month of April, we were greatly blessed by “glad tidings of good things.” Each Sunday in April, except Easter Sunday, we had visiting missionaries come and present their works in our churches. We were encouraged by the decades of faithfulness of the Philip Pope family, as they came the first Sunday in April. Bro. Pope led our Thai pastor, Sakrapee Jomhong, to the Lord over 30 years ago. He has also trained many men and families for the Lord’s service and helped to start many churches in Thailand.

Easter Sunday was a great day, with visitors, special music, and ice cream sundaes for everyone. It was a wonderful time of fellowship with our church family as we remembered the resurrection of our Saviour.

The last few Sundays in April, we continued our focus on missions and the importance of renewing our vision to reach our Jerusalem, as well as the regions beyond. A challenging sermon was brought by Pastor Khampai, who is one of our supported missionaries (he lives in a communistic, neighboring country). He has been a believer for several decades and has trained several young men to be pastors also. He has helped to start churches in other parts of the same country. His testimony is one of commitment and true dedication to the Gospel. He and his family have taken a stand for Jesus in a country where there is no freedom of religion. His sermon was about Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego and their commitment to follow Christ. He challenged each of us to stand in our commitment to follow Christ when the difficult times come. Many made decisions that day.

We also had Mrs. Srichand Horn, a veteran missionary in Lamphun for over 40 years, present her ministry to our church. Missionary Rick Horn and his wife started an orphanage, a Bible institute, and multiple churches and have trained many young people for the ministry in Northern Thailand. Mrs. Horn brought nine of their young adults with her, along with Pastor Boy, who pastors the church in Lamphun. The young people played their instruments on Sunday, and several in their group gave their testimonies. God used these young people and the testimony of Mrs. Horn to stir our hearts to continue on in faith for His glory and honor.

On one of the Sundays, it was a blessing to also hear from Pastor Pitak, who pastors a church in Don Muang, Thailand. On our last Sunday, we were encouraged to have Missionary Saint Jomhong, along with his wife Joy and son Isaiah, who serves in Saraburi, Thailand. It’s a blessing to partner with these faithful servants of God who are reaching and teaching many with the Gospel.

Our church members are living day to day, and yet, with their meager substance, they have given above measure to meet the needs of our missionaries. Yes, a church on the mission field can and should support missions! Please pray as we seek to do more for missions in our area, in Thailand, and into the uttermost parts of the world.

While out soul winning with the young people from Lamphun, Lauren and her soul-winning partner Deborah were able to see a homeless couple accept Christ. Their life here on earth seems very dismal, but they were rejoicing to know that they will have a home in Heaven one day.

One evening, our family ordered dinner from Grab, a delivery service here, and before the driver left, Mark ran out to give him a Gospel tract. I walked out as Mark was coming back into the house and saw Art, the driver, parked by our gate reading the tract. God opened the door for me to talk at length with Art and give him the Gospel. He said that he had been seeking the truth and was interested in visiting the church. Please pray that Art will get saved and become a true follower of Jesus.

There is a gardener named Teang, which is the Thai word for candle, who works in our neighborhood. The weather has been dangerously hot this month, and our church has been giving out electrolyte packets to our members each church service. Missy decided to give a couple to the gardener and his wife. When Missy started to chat with Candle’s wife, she began sharing how their lives had been very difficult during COVID, but that they were so thankful for the landlord of our house. She said that their hiring them to work has given them sustainable income because other home owners have hired them as well since hearing of their work. Missy was able to give her a tract and explain the Gospel. She said that she would think about what Missy shared and would try to visit church.

Please pray for these spiritually needy people who are tired of failing in their attempts to be good enough or have enough money to be accepted into Heaven. We have the hope that they are seeking—the Gospel of peace, glad tiding of good things!! We are not lacking in opportunities to give the Gospel and show His love to others. What a joy it is to serve Him where He has called us.

We could not be here without your faithful financial and prayer support. Come visit us and see how God is using your investment for eternity!

For Him,

Tim Shook