TAN Update:  Future Plans for India, Thailand, Cambodia, and the Philippines This SummerWhat a joy it is to share how God moved during the meetings in Mexico. A three-day TAN conference was held in El Higo for 16 ministry leaders. In Guadalajara, we visited churches that began TAN programs after our trip in November. We met with 47 students who are enrolled in these colleges. It is exciting to see fruit that remains. We also held a service in an indigenous church at a VERY secluded location.

A TAN conference was conducted at Trinity Baptist Church, North Carolina, where my good friend, Dr. Darrell Cox, pastors. He plans to use TAN materials in his Bible college.

Robin spoke at Hopewell Baptist Church’s Ladies’ Conference, and I preached the next day for Mike Freye. I also preached at Grace Baptist Church, La Grange, Kentucky, where Dave Woosley is the pastor. What a heart for missions these dear churches have.

Someone donated 200,000 John & Romans and 500,000 tracts in the Hindu language to TAN. Only $3,000 more is needed to ship this container to India. To God be the GLORY for this past year: 4 overseas trips, 8 Missions Conferences, 50 churches, hundreds of new TAN students, 150-plus church leaders trained to use the TAN program, and souls saved. Praises to Him for provision, safety, strength, and wide-open doors. What a thrill it is to work with my son Adam, the program director and founder of Teaching All Nations. Robin and I celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary while in Mexico. How blessed we are to serve our Saviour together.

God is leading us to travel to India, Thailand, Cambodia, and the Philippines this summer. We would train, teach, preach, and minister in each country. We beseech you to pray for this trip. We ask that you consider investing in this extensive TAN mission.

I sincerely thank you for your fervent prayers and investment in the Great Commission. “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations . . . .” (Matthew 28:19)

His servant,

Greg Ogle

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