Stan Lawrenson Prayer Letter: Consider How Great Things He Hath Done for You--Part 1“Only fear the LORD, and serve him in truth with all your heart: for consider how great things he hath done for you.” (I Samuel 12:24)

God is still busy doing great things here in Dumaguete City! Next month will mark my family’s fifth anniversary of serving the Lord on the mission field! It has been five years of excitement and awe as we have watched the Lord do many great things.

– In April 2016, the ministries of International Baptist Church surpassed 10,000 souls saved since its birth in January 2010!
– Every Sunday, International Baptist Church has been used by God to baptize converts since its very first Sunday over five years ago!
– So far this year, International Baptist Church has been able to see over 3,400 souls saved!
– International Baptist Church consistently has over 40 people attending each of its weekly Thursday and Saturday soul-winning meetings!
– The members of International Baptist Church are busy reaching their community through evangelistic outreach ministries including:

– Gather and Transfer (GAT) Ministries (otherwise known as Bus Ministries in the States. Here we use everything else: motorcycles, pedicabs, jeepneys, vans, etc.).
– Preaching and teaching a discipleship program in the city jail!
– A New-Mothers’ Ministry, where ladies take gifts and the Gospel to the nursery ward at our local hospital!

This year’s theme, “A Church That Works,” is being used to help many of our church members step out and find a place to serve. Many church members have stepped forward and given themselves to serving the Lord at International Baptist Church. The adult choir has grown from 15 to 29 members. Men have volunteered to drive for our Transportation Ministry. Many ladies have given their time to share the Gospel and give gifts at the New Mothers’ Ministry at the hospital. Many men and women give their time helping Mel Veloso minister at the jail every Monday. A new Primary Church was started last month with a volunteer preacher and workers.

The students of Hyles-Anderson College of the Philippines worked with each other to put together and carry out this year’s Vacation Bible School. Between the college students and many church members, they were able to minister to children at 25 different locations in various neighborhoods each day for a week. This involved several people who were capable of teaching, song leading, and performing many skit crew characters. The students’ efforts resulted in over 800 different children attending the meetings and 515 children accepting Christ as their Saviour!

Please pray for Bro. Scott Christiansen as he travels in the States for the memorial services and burial of his wife, Debbie Christiansen. Mrs. Christiansen went Home to be with the Lord on the 22nd of March 2016. I am honored to have seen the faithfulness, steadfastness, and loyalty of a married couple toward each other and their Saviour. That faithfulness never wavered over the past year, as Bro. Christiansen endeavored to serve his wife faithfully until he put her gently and lovingly into the arms of Jesus.

Pastor DeMoville encouraged us to expand the size or our current facilities by erecting a 30-foot by 60-foot tent behind our church. The knowledge Pastor DeMoville gained as a teenager at the First Baptist Church in Wildomar, California, where Pastor Bruce Goddard pastored a church under a tent for years, proved itself useful. With the help of 10 college men, the tent was put up in time for the Five-Year Anniversary Service! The tent is now used regularly for the new Primary Church, led by Bro. Joemar Macaglisang.

Stan Lawrenson and Family