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July – August 2013

Dear Pastor and Praying Friends,

A lot has happened in our lives in the last two months, and we praise God for His goodness to us, our family, and our team here in the Philippines.

Family News:
The second week of July, we found out that our 24-year-old son Joel almost died from blood loss with his Crohn’s disease. Family members he was visiting insisted that he go to the emergency room, and he got the critical care he needed. He is now making a recovery in Michigan, and we thank all of you who have prayed for him during his medical crisis.

On August 3, our 27-year-old son Micah and Abbiegail Cortopassi were married at First Baptist Church, with Pastor John Wilkerson officiating. We were able to view the wedding live via the church’s website at 3 o’clock Sunday morning our time. We have never seen a couple smile as much as they did that day! They had a great honeymoon and are now making their plans regarding serving the Lord together on the mission field. We are very proud of them and the good decisions they have made during their courtship.

Soul Winning Still Works!
A highlight was a recent one-day “missions trip” to Ayungon, a city two hours away, on August 24. We took a bus full of our college students and soul winners from our church to go door to door and hold a meeting “up on the mountain.” We led 338 to the Lord, and our people were encouraged to see how God used them.

Our college students are also busy every week sharing Christ one on one (and sometimes one on five!). On a couple of days recently, we saw a total of 267 saved. We continue to see baptisms every week and new believers growing in the Lord. It is exciting to be here and see how God is at work.

Other Notes:
Recently we have had our share of fevers and amoebas, but praise the Lord for medicines that work. Debbie is busy at our day school and working with our church’s music program. I have enjoyed teaching classes at our Bible college, including one on Genesis. We finished the paperwork and interviews for more permanent visas and hope to have them given to us soon.

Thank you for your prayers and financial sacrifice that make it possible for us to be involved in the rich harvest in this part of the world.

Yours for souls,
Scott Christiansen