Last month we mentioned that several young people have surrendered to God’s call to serve Him and to go to Bible college. Many of these young people face opposition from family in their decision. One such person is 20-year-old Sheena, a young lady who just completed her first semester at the local state university. Sheena’s mother and father, though not excited about her decision, were willing for her to start Bible college. Her brother, however, who supports the family, was not. This young lady was committed in her decision, knowing that it would be a fight; so we prayed. Praise the Lord! Her brother has now consented, and Sheena should be starting at Hyles-Anderson College of the Philippines in November.


Ronel Langitan is one of our students who started at the opening of HACPH. He is 22 years old and comes from Mindanao, the largest island in the Philippines. When Ronel first visited International Baptist Church at Dumaguete, he was not sure that he’d be able to understand anything because our services are in English. He was surprised at how much he understood, and during the invitation time, one of our young men, Jason Garganian (now a college student), led him to Jesus Christ. Ronel has had a very rough background, and his coming to Dumaguete was a move to save his life; little did he know he’d find eternal life here. Ronel continued to come faithfully to church, and to say that his life has been transformed would be an understatement. He is a bold soul winner and works on one of our routes under Jason MacRae. Ronel is a gentle giant and has a tremendous amount of potential. He believes God would have him to be a missionary. Ronel has no outside support as a student. Would you please pray for Ronel as he continues his studies here and that his needs will be provided? Next month we will introduce you to another Filipino Hylander.


After nearly three years in our current location, we are convinced that it is time for our church to move. The rent and utilities are increasingly expensive, and with our lease about to expire, we are praying that the Lord will direct us to a nearby location. Would you please join us in prayer as we seek God’s wisdom in deciding on a new location?