Rey and Tess Garcia Prayer Letter: Divine AppointmentsThe months of May and June remained challenging months for us. The house we rented in Legaspi City seemed good at the start, but water became a problem later. As water algae started to grow in the water tank, it caused skin irritations when coming in contact with our skin. The landlord did not agree for a tank replacement due to its cost, so we decided to find another place to rent while still helping FBC Daraga with their soul winning and other church activities.

Later in May, we moved to another rental home in Daraga, Albay. It also looked good when we first saw the place. It’s in a nice neighborhood, has a lot of fruit trees, has plenty of fresh air so that there is no need for air conditioning, in addition to being close to the main road. But days later, we found mold in the house. We tried everything to eradicate it, but the landlord refused to agree to remove the bedroom closet, which is the main source of the mold. We decided again to start searching for a new place to move.

In spite of these problems, God continues to use us here in Daraga, Albay. He always leads us to divine appointments to win souls for Him. In early June, He also allowed me to visit and preach at the Open Door Baptist Church in Sagay City, Negros Occidental. I was able to win 6 souls to the Lord, attend the 10th World Missions Conference at the Tabernacle Conservative Bible Baptist Church in Estancia, Iloilo, and go to the Pastors’ and Workers’ Fellowship Revival Meeting at Sagay City. To date, we have seen 347 souls won to the Lord, and some are now attending FBC Daraga. To God be the glory and praises to His Son, Jesus Christ!

Please continue praying:

1. For a permanent place for us to stay.
2. For the health of Tess’s family members. Her brother is still under medication due to his heart problem, and her sister is having a weekly chemotherapy procedure due to her Stage 4 breast cancer.
3. For the power of the Holy Spirit as we saturate more areas in Daraga and Legaspi City.
4. For God to open more doors in the public schools in Daraga.
5. For our new converts to stay in church and the newly saved people to follow the Lord in Biblical baptism.
6. For the funds needed for the renovation of the church building to house different church ministries.
7. For the right contractor to work on the building construction.
8. For the Holy Spirit’s guidance in the teachers and students of
FBA Daraga as they start the new school year.

Rey & Tess Garcia