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With so much talk about the evils of mass media—much of it justified, we rejoice that God has given us a way to use technology to reach around Islamic roadblocks and reach the hearts and minds of seekers throughout the 10-40 Window. Each month, I have so many updates to share, but it has been almost three months since I’ve shared outreach results in the six countries we serve. As of Wednesday, June 14, here are total number of seekers who have sought Gospel information in the last 30 days:

Dearborn, Michigan – 609
Morocco – 3,320
Iraq – 6,910
Afghanistan – 11,200
TOTAL – 22,309


After a brief hiatus, our outreach into Egypt will resume, Lord willing, in July. With so many contacts each month, we are attempting to keep up with the demand, and thankfully, we might have an answer to prayer. Th——s is an Afghani Christian who attends our weekly sermon meetings on Clubhouse. He has grown considerably as a Christian in the last year. He is a former police officer, who was trained in English and served as a translator with the U.S. Military in Afghanistan. He also speaks Farsi, Dari, and Pashto, which would be of great value in our outreach. Please pray that God would give us wisdom about where and how to use this new worker.


I have delivered SIX studies, which I wrote over the past three months. Please pray that God would use them greatly! Pastor Ma—an in Morocco has translated them into Arabic for me, and Pastor S—m (in Egypt) is producing them for video broadcast in Egypt, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Additional work is needed for the Farsi translations. The topics are (1) “Has the Bible Been Corrupted?” (2) “Why Are Christians Accused of Worshiping Three Gods?” (3) “Who REALLY Is Jesus?” (4) “Who Is the Holy Spirit?” and (5) “Why Do Christians Insist on the Crucifixion?”

These are five- to seven-minute videos that give Biblical, concise explanations to draw visitors into deeper study. Please pray that God would use these training videos greatly! We have seen numbers of Muslims come to Christ this year. We need to offer options as we disciple them. This is why we meet virtually AND in person for lower-risk environments—through articles, video, and radio for others who MUST keep a lower profile. Please pray for God’s Word to accomplish greater and greater works!


Please continue praying for this 11-day trip in August. Some faithful givers have donated funds for a needed piano. We have had a gifted lady prepare a handmade quilt for the pastor’s wife. Books, Bibles, and educational supplies for a Christian school are being gathered. As God leads, gifts earmarked to “Turkey” will be used to help those purchases and travel. God bless you for your love for seeking Muslims who need Christ. We appreciate you!

Missionary #6505