Andrew and Denise Long Prayer Letter: Carrying the Gospel to Every District in Our Province“Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest.” (Matthew 9:38)

Praise the Lord! These last few months have been extremely busy for us. Let me give a couple of qualifiers first. Thailand is divided up into provinces, districts, sub-districts, and villages; and mid-March through mid-May is the Summer Break for the schools here in Thailand. So during this time, we had a goal to carry the Gospel to every district in our province. We set aside one or two days per week, depending on the distance, to accomplish this goal. By God’s grace, every district in our province had the Gospel given to them, from those on the tops of the mountains to those in the valleys.

Since our return to Thailand, God has also helped us deliver the Gospel to every sub-district within our district, and every home in our sub-district has received a Gospel witness. In addition to that, more than half of all the villages in our district have had the Gospel delivered to them. Praise be to our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ!

Gai (my assistant/interpreter/man of God in training) has had the most wonderful time. One day I asked him if he would like to go back to his old job. To which he replied, “No way! This is the most fun I’ve ever had! I like helping people hear about Jesus.”

One day, a young man from another district, who had received a Thai John and Romans and a flyer with the Gospel on it, called us. Because he couldn’t read Thai, he just called. He told us he was troubled greatly by devils and asked if we could help. He was a Thai Yai man from Myanmar. He spoke and understood Burmese, so we had a Burmese man call him to share the Gospel with him. Two weeks later, he called again and asked if we could help him. He drove to meet us the next day, and we picked him up and brought him with us to church. On the way to church, he was telling us how the devils torment him so and asked what could be done about it. We told him that Jesus was the answer and that if he had Jesus, the devils would have to leave. I pulled over and took out a Burmese John and Romans and opened to a few different passages of Scriptures and let him read them. Finally, taking him to Romans 10:13, he read it and looked up and asked, “If I call on Jesus’ name, Jesus come in and devils go out?” We replied “yes” as we nodded our heads. He bowed his head, folded his hands, and began to pray. I didn’t understand anything he said, but as he was praying, his face changed from that of anguish to having a big smile as the peace that only Jesus can give filled his heart. I didn’t know what was said, but I knew what had taken place. Glory to God! He stood up in church later and said that he was so happy because now he had Jesus and the devils had gone.

Please keep us in prayer for the leadership and power of the Holy Spirit and for my wife who is having a terrible time with a herniated disc in her lower back. We have been to several doctors, and you can clearly see from the MRI what the trouble is, but no one has been able to help.

Thank you for all your faithful prayers and support!

Yours for His harvest,

Andrew & Denise Long
Romans 10:14