Jeremy and Sandra Barker Prayer Letter: Oh, the Places We've Gone!With God on our side and feet in our shoes, He will surely lead us, wherever He doth choose. It’s hard to believe we’ve been on deputation for six months. We started deputation, having only arrived back in the country 48 hours prior, with no vehicle, no mission board, only three meetings scheduled, and almost eight months pregnant. Since then, we’ve . . .

• Had 1 baby born.
• Traveled 18,505 miles.
• Raised 21% of our support.
• Visited 66 different churches across 15 different states.
• Scheduled 30 meetings.
• Scheduled 53 future meetings.
• Had 38 drop-ins.
• Scheduled 28 different states to be in.
• Attended 11 Missions Conferences.
• Scheduled 14 future Missions Conferences.
• Replaced 1 engine.
• Had 2 minor vehicle accidents.
• Had 1 major vehicle accident (as a passenger in someone else’s vehicle).
• Experienced 2 flat tires (at different times).
• Seen 11 people saved.
• Had 5 visitors in church.
• Had 2 converts baptized.

I mentioned in a previous prayer letter that prior to the decision to go to the mission field, I took out a loan to purchase a parcel of land for the purpose of having a house built. I am pleased to report that after being on the market for over a year, the land has now sold. I took a loss on the sale; however, it was worth it to get this taken care of and behind us.

Sandra, Alex, and I were soul winning recently in Mesa, Arizona, when we met a young 24-year-old married man named Marino. Upon striking up a conversation, I found that Marino was raised Catholic but became disillusioned by what he referred to as the worshiping of Mary and other things. As an adult, he tried attending a Mormon church but didn’t care for it. After close to a half-hour of sharing the Gospel and answering questions, however, Marino bowed his head and accepted Christ.

Please pray that we can continue to raise support and book meetings, as well as stay safe and healthy as we travel.

Working hard to bring fruit to your account,

Jeremy, Sandra, Carina, Barrett, Henry, & Alex Barker