Zach and Cassandra Foust Jr. Prayer Letter: Very Full Weeks of MinistryWe’re so excited to update you on what’s been going on in Peru. These past few weeks have been so full, and it’s amazing to see the Lord work! Since our last letter, we have had several major events take place here in our ministry.

First, a new semester of Team Peru’s Bible institute kicked off, and we have about 40 students studying to serve the Lord. We were blessed to have Missionary Jonathan Ashcraft with us to teach and preach for our first week. Our institute meets every Monday night from 6:00 to about 10:30. Most of the students come straight from work in order to attend. Cassandra and I are grateful to be able to help teach and train servants of Christ.

Next, Cassandra and I were able to travel to Arequipa, Peru, with the team to host a Pastors’ Training Conference. It’s something we get to do quite often, as we look to train national pastors and reach new villages with the Gospel. In this case, we got to visit Pastor Luis de Dios’s church in Arequipa. He is a missionary from Mexico who is doing a phenomenal job. We spent three days with their church and with the many invited pastors from the city. We taught and preached and then went out witnessing with the local pastors. Many accepted Christ, and it was exciting to see the results. As always, we left the pastors with tracts for their churches, several books, discipleship booklets, and much more.

Our church here in San Gabriel is growing! We recently celebrated Family Day. We had several visitors and saw 17 people accept Christ. Last week, we had a man come as a visitor to church early on Sunday morning. He asked if he could talk to the pastor after the service. I spoke to a family for about 20 minutes after the service, but he waited patiently. He was very eager and asked me this question: “I used to attend church, but I’ve gotten away from the Lord. I know Jesus is coming back soon. How can I know that I will go to Heaven?” I was more than happy to answer! We spent the next hour going over salvation, and then he sweetly accepted Christ. After thoroughly explaining baptism as the next step for a new Christian, he asked me how soon he could get baptized. I was happy to baptize him that evening after the service! I was able to start discipleship with him this week. Please pray for Jesus Cadrasco as he continues to grow.

We have several prayer requests for our church! Please pray for our upcoming outreach day on November 1. Every year, our church heads to Nueva Esperanza, a cemetery near our church. They say it is one of the largest cemeteries in the world. Every year on the Day of the Dead, thousands and thousands of people gather to visit the graves of loved ones. The graves are scattered across the hills as far as the eye can see. Our church spends the day telling others about Jesus, and every year many, many people accept Christ. Please pray that the Lord will bless this day! Also, on the 11th of November, our church will have a big outreach day on one of our bus routes. We will have songs, games, and giveaways; but each person who comes will have the chance to hear a clear presentation of the Gospel. Please pray for this event.

Thank you all for your continued prayers and support for us here on the field. We are extremely blessed to be able to serve here in Peru. We hope you all have a great month, and we look forward to updating you with more exciting blessings soon.

God bless you all,

Zach and Cassandra Foust