James Belisle Prayer Letter:  Winning SoulsDear Friends, January 31, 2014

In my last letter, I mentioned the trip I took to Africa. Upon arriving back in the United States on November 22, I stayed in Houston, Texas, so I could preach a missions-emphasis weekend for our former Spanish pastor, Hector Rodriguez. Not only did I preach for him, but I also had the privilege of preaching in a Spanish church that uses the same buildings as the Trinity Baptist Church in Texas City, Texas. The pastor, a former member of our church here in Washington, Iowa, was reached through our Spanish Ministry. What a blessing it was to be with both of these fine men.

By the time I got home, it was Thanksgiving time, and then a short two weeks later, we had our annual Live Animal Christmas Play. Once again we saw God do some wonderful things through this annual event. We had to turn away so many people last year that we decided to go to six showings this year. We had a Friday night showing for the Bus Ministry, three showings on Saturday, and two showings on Sunday. We saw close to 3600 persons (other than our own church people) come to these 6 showings. At the end of each service, Pastor preached the Gospel and gave people an opportunity to get saved. We saw hundreds trust Christ as their Saviour again this year. Praise the Lord!

After helping fill the pulpit for a pastor in the northern part of the state, Linda and I were able to spend a few days with our children who were able to come out during the Christmas holidays. Rachel, Jim and his family, and Beth Ann and her husband made it home, though on different dates. It would be nice to have them all here at the same time, but it is also nice to be with them one on one. Though Susanna and her husband did not make it out for Christmas, they were able to be here in the middle of January. Grandpa and Grandma had a happy time with our three grandchildren.

During the month of January, I was able to do some soul winning and visiting for my home church. While doing some work at the church, a young man came in with a very troubled life. After listening to him for about twenty minutes, I questioned him regarding his salvation. Though he had some Bible knowledge, he did not have the assurance of salvation based on the Bible. I am glad that he got saved. While out soul winning one night, we went to some apartments in Iowa City, a town located forty minutes away. We talked to people from Mozambique, Mexico, and the Sudan. The lady from Mozambique allowed us to share the Gospel with her. She was more than willing to get saved. The Spanish couple invited us into their home. Though Nelson and Mary listened carefully, they did not get saved. I gave their names to our Spanish pastor so he and his people can follow up on them.

Thank you once again for supporting this ministry and praying for me.

James Belisle