Dan Siemer Prayer Letter:  Family PerspectiveDear Praying Friends,

Once again, thank you for your sustaining prayers for our family and this ministry. By God’s grace, we just celebrated our 38th anniversary and began our 26th year of missionary service.

It’s a challenge to make prayer letters fresh. This month we honor the Lord from a family perspective.

Tom is looking forward to graduation in May. He has been student teaching this year, and the Lord has provided odd jobs to help with bills. Those who have prayed for us for years know what a divine answer this all is. We’re eager to see God finish Tom’s preparation and direct him to his intended future. (Psalm 139:14-16) For now, he’s blessed to be helping a new church to get established in the region.

Lana continues to lead the Sunbeams (handicapped children), so she visits these families in addition to her participation in ladies’ soul winning. Regularly the Lord uses her to lead folks to Him. Most of all, she keeps things going at home in the midst of all the work and travel. When I was invited to write something about her for an activity, Proverbs 31:10-12 was the text that fit. Praise God for leading me to the church where she attended when I moved to Denver for medical school.

This is our busiest season of the year as opportunities to prepare, train, and serve missionaries arrive non-stop. This semester I’m blessed to teach three missions and medical classes at the college. We’re also preparing for college Missions Emphasis Days, the church missions conference, two overseas missions trips, and our annual FBMI high point of Candidate School.

A couple visited church for the first time for the Christmas program. Driving a follow-up visit to their house in Illinois, I found they weren’t home, but their adult son was. He hadn’t attended church in a long time but knew that he needed God’s help. Hearing and understanding the Gospel, he prayed to receive Christ as his Saviour. Another young man from a group home in the same area had trusted Christ during the Christmas program, so I’ve had the privilege to visit regularly to help him grow in the faith.

Serving missionaries, many times we’ve seen God answer prayer in a way that we don’t understand. Yet God is faithful and true, and with time, things make sense. A missionary sought medical help recently, and there were recurring, inexplicable hindrances addressing their serious situation. The end result was a delay in treatment that I believe, in retrospect, benefitted all concerned.

As you pray, please remember these opportunities:
• Missions trip (27 Feb – 12 Mar) to serve missionaries in Australia, Tasmania, and New Zealand
• Evangelistic college missions trip to Brazil in June to reach the World Cup guests from around the world
• Our daily service for Him, that His will might be done and that we might be fruitful (John 15:8)

That all might hear, everywhere,
Dan & Lana Siemer and Tom