Andres Nunez Prayer Letter:  Christmas and New Year's Eve at ChurchDear Pastor and Praying Friends,

Thank you, dear friends, for your prayers. We are doing well. Praise the Lord! We’ve had a little bit of sickness but nothing major. Please pray for my wife. She will be traveling to the States on February 26, 2014, to get some documentation done in order to get her Venezuelan residency. The American Embassy in Venezuela could not help. We have been trying since 2004, but the application is always returned to us. I have been told by some government employees that the reason is because she is an American citizen. The Venezuelan law says that when you have been married for five years, your spouse automatically becomes a Venezuelan citizen. We have been married for more than twenty-four years, and they keep overlooking that. At this time my wife has some documentation that allows her to be legal in the country, but it will expire in July of this year. Please keep us in your prayers. Thank you.

Our church is doing well. We celebrated Christmas and New Year’s Eve at the church. We had a great attendance even though some members traveled. We had a pork leg and a turkey for Christmas. For New Year’s Eve, we had hallacas (a traditional plate), and we also broke a big piñata.

Please keep praying for the situation here in Venezuela. The economy is very bad. The prices are higher than ever for food, appliances, houses, cars, etc. Last year when we traveled to the States, what I paid then for three airline tickets is what I’m paying for my wife’s single ticket today. But besides all that, we had a blessing: one of our members bought a 1974 Ford Galaxy 500. Praise the Lord! That now makes two of us with a car in our church. Bro. Edgar told me that he is ready to help me with the bus route. Amen.

The church has seen 79 souls saved and 5 follow the Lord in baptism during the last 2 months. We had a total of 979 souls saved and 15 follow the Lord in baptism in 2013. Praise the Lord! Please pray for better numbers next year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Best wishes from us!

Prayer Requests:
• For health and safety
• For the Lord to supply the monthly support that we need
• For the salvation of the people of Venezuela
• For land on which to build the church


The Núñez Family
Missionaries to Venezuela