Elias and Robyn Correa Prayer Letter: Blessings• Since our last update, we have shipped over 77,000 Scriptures to the following three countries:
• Albania
• Mexico
• United States

• The release of the container in Nigeria has been negotiated, funds have been sent, and we are hoping for a letter of release soon. Please keep praying.

• Pray for the group of 19 individuals heading to Peru for our Jesús 4 Juliaca trip April 15-23. Pray that much will be accomplished for the cause of Christ!

• Praise the Lord for the opportunity to baptize Teofilo, the 76-year-old Honduran mentioned in the last update!

Sowing More in North America

Along with the picture came these words from Chris King in Mexico: “Happy Missionary!! Thank you!!” Please pray for fruit that remains from a Scripture-distribution project he led, targeting multitudes on a Catholic pilgrimage to Chalma the week before Easter.

FBMI Missionary Elias Correa Prayer Letter Picture

Missionary Chris King in Mexico

Elias & Robyn Correa