Team Ghana Update: Recent ConvertsOur ministry here is very much focused on preaching the Gospel, especially through personal soul winning. I want you to meet some of my recent converts.

• I met Akwasi Sarfo about two months ago during Saturday soul winning. He readily heard the Gospel and was saved and baptized. Two weeks ago, he asked if we could come and witness to his wife; we did, and she was saved. He then requested that we come and witness to his children, so one of our college men went and preached to them. I pray that Akwasi would grow and that his whole family will attend with him.
• On a recent Saturday, I met Antwi Agyei, but I could not speak his language. I came back the next week with another soul winner, who won him to Christ. Now Antwi has been baptized and has joined the church!
• The young man in the solid white shirt is Michael, whom I won to Christ three weeks ago. Both he and his friend Afful came to church last Sunday.
• About five months ago, I met Prince as I was walking to work. He uses crutches because one of his feet was amputated a year earlier; his wound still had not healed. I took his phone number and followed up on him. He got saved, baptized, and has joined the church. Praise God! I was able to advise him concerning his wound; now it is almost completely healed. Prince continues to attend regularly.
• I met a teenager named Nana passing our church on a Saturday morning about two months ago. He stopped and listened to the Gospel and has been attending church ever since.
Jennifer is the wife of Francis, one of our newer college students. I won her to Christ about three months ago. She has joined the church with her husband, and she is now coming to college classes as well. Both Francis and Jennifer have a strong desire to win others to Christ.
Kwadwo and Rita and their family started attending our church recently. I visited their home about six weeks ago and was able to win the two young boys to Christ. They were baptized the next day!

The fields are white unto harvest! Thank you for supporting our ministry! We believe in soul winning!

Yours for souls,

Ted Speer
Pastor/Team Leader