Daniel and Megan Gonzalez Prayer Letter: Bragging on GodThank you for taking the time to pray for us and read our prayer letter. We headed to the East Coast at the end of March. We asked prayers a few months ago about our car making it to California and back, and it did just that. As soon as we got to North Carolina, our transmission went out, but the Lord provided us with the perfect car for our family to have comfort and safety. It’s just wonderful to be in God’s will, knowing His timing is perfect. We were successfully able to surprise my wife’s parents for Easter. We had a wonderful visit with family, and we were able to witness my brother-in-law Kegan and niece Addison get baptized Easter morning. Pray for them to continue to grow in the Lord and to be used greatly of God. While in North Carolina, I was able to preach to our Junior Church, and two children received the Lord as their Saviour.

Let me share a quick story to brag on the Lord. We had a Sunday morning where we didn’t have a meeting, and we were trying to figure out where we could go. On that Wednesday evening, we went to Buc-ee’s, a famous gas station, and a gentleman by the name of Stephen asked if I was dressed for work or church, and I said, “Church.” He was immediately excited. He had moved from San Jose, California, to Corpus Christi, Texas. Come to find out, he was attending North Valley Baptist in San Jose, California. We gave him our prayer card, and he offered for us to come and stay at their beautiful home by the water. We had a five-minute conversation with Stephen, and the next in-person conversation was at his home. We were able to book a meeting with his pastor and church in Corpus Christi, Texas, and they took us on for support! We are so thankful for God’s people who allow Him to use them to be a blessing to our family. Praise the Lord!

Thank you to those who have prayed for our safety and health. Please continue to pray for us. I will be getting ordained on May 21 at our home church, Bailey’s Grove Baptist Church, and soon after that on May 29, we will be flying to El Salvador for two weeks. We are excited for our boys to be able to see where God has called us to serve. They are also very excited to see their grandparents, Henry and Tammie Gonzalez. Thank you for your faithfulness to our Saviour.

For His glory,

Daniel & Megan Gonzalez
Missionaries to El Salvador