Missionary #6506 Prayer Letter: Divine AppointmentsThese past two months have flown by as our work continues to press forward. My two oldest children have learned some important computer skills and have helped expedite some of the work. Several of the young people in our church are willing to help. Therefore, we are considering buying three more computers as the online ministry expands.

Thank you for your prayers about a young man I have been witnessing to and discipling these past several months. I believe God has been doing a work in his heart. All of our conversations have always led to the Gospel and the truths that point to Christ. When I talk about Christ, he is now responding more in agreement with me, rather than staying silent. Lately, our weekly Saturday English Clubs have been low in attendance, but this has provided valuable one-on-one time with him.

Presidential elections are coming up soon in this country. My prayer is that God chooses a president according to His will. I don’t pretend to know which candidate is best, but I am hopeful that God would use these elections to lift barriers that will further advance the ministry.

One such barrier is our ability to obtain new residential visas. One of our team members has been trying to get into the country. They were here for five months and then asked to leave. They are currently staying in Macedonia. Sound familiar? It seems like God is having them minister there, just as He did with the Apostle Paul when he wanted to stay in Asia-Minor but was led to Macedonia. This June, they are planning to return to this country and, hopefully, obtain another residency visa. Maybe the results of the elections would help with this process.

I have a couple new students I am teaching English to on the weekdays. Yesterday, I started talking about spiritual matters with them. I love how God brings people to us to preach the good news! Please pray for each new student; pray that each class would be a divine appointment anointed with God’s power.

A friend of mine, whom I meet occasionally, is in need of an electric wheelchair. He is crippled and walks with his hands. He always sits in the same spot. Although I’ve never seen him ask for money, sometimes people offer him money, and he takes it when he has a need. Other times, he rejects the money when he doesn’t have any needs. A long time ago, I met with him, and he asked me if I had time for lunch. I fully expected to pay for our meals, so I wanted him to pick a meal he didn’t normally eat. We enjoyed the famous meal of İskender! During the meal, I had the opportunity to share the Gospel with him, which gave him a lot to think about. After the meal, he beat me to the register and paid for the meals. Please pray that God would help this man understand the Gospel and that maybe God would allow me to provide him with an electric wheelchair.

Thank you for all your prayers and support. May our hearts, minds, and works reflect our anticipation and spiritual groaning for Christ’s imminent return!

Missionary #6506