Team Thailand Update:  Program PreparationsFebruary was filled with many hours of preparations as we put into action the plans for our church’s Summer Program, which will be three Sundays in the month of March. Our theme will be “Bringing Others to the Saviour.” In the past month or so, I have preached about the basics of the Christian life and have been encouraging our members to be faithful in soul winning and bringing people to church. We are praying that this program will cause our people to be excited about sharing the Gospel, and their church, with family and friends.

Our Thai language teacher, Kuhn Pat, has taught the team for several months now. She came to our church’s Christmas Banquet this past December, and since then she has had many questions about our work and ministry. We have all been praying that the Lord would work in her heart and bring her to the saving knowledge of His grace. A few weeks ago, one of our Thai staff couples, Singadt and Joom, talked with Kuhn Pat after our language class. They got to know her a little and were able to give her the plan of salvation. That day Pat bowed her head and received Jesus into her heart (Pat is pictured on the left in the purple shirt.) Since then, she has asked to help in preparation for our Summer Program and has gone visiting with Bro. Sakrapee and Bro. Randy and Carmen Shook on their bus route each Saturday. Please pray for Kuhn Pat as she grows in the Lord.

shook1shook2A few weeks ago, Kuhn Singadt and I were working on his interview video for the First Baptist Church of Hammond’s Mis-sions Conference. Just a few minutes after we finished recording his inter-view, he received an urgent phone call. He was told that his younger brother had been in an accident and was killed on the scene. Kuhn Singadt has been saved for over six years and has been a testimony to his lost relatives since his salvation. He was filled with grief when he heard the news of his brother’s death, as he knew his brother had never heard the Gospel. I offered for my wife and me to take Singadt and Joom up to Bangkok to the funeral the next day. As we drove up to Bangkok, we each prayed for God to use this to bring many to the Lord. The Inman family drove up to attend the funeral also, and the family of Kuhn Singadt was overwhelmed to see that we all would drive 3½ hours to attend a funeral of someone we had never met, just to support our friend, their brother. Kuhn Singadt’s brothers and sisters requested that I pray with them before the funeral service. The Lord allowed Singadt and me to give the Gospel to the family at that time as well. We stood in front of the Buddhist temple, and just a few feet away from a Buddhist monk, as the Gospel was given. Fourteen family members received Jesus as their Saviour (This is pictured above on the right)! Kuhn Singadt told us that some of those members had been witnessed to before but had rejected Christ. It was a victorious day! God used a great tragedy to bring more into His fold.

We had our first separate Karen service the last Sunday of this month. It was a very special day, and the Lord brought many first-time visitors for our Thai Sunday service also.

We are thankful for your financial support and continued prayers! God has given our team and staff a great working relationship, and we look forward to many years together of teaching and training nationals for His work.

—Tim Shook & Team Thailand