Tim Shook Prayer Letter:  A Memorable DayWe are thankful for every soul-winning opportunity. This month Missy and I were personally able to see 30 people come to Christ. One of the men on our staff, Kuhn Singadt, lost his younger brother in a tragic accident a few weeks ago. My wife and I offered to take Singadt and his wife Joom up to Bangkok to the funeral. God allowed Kuhn Singadt and me to give the Gospel in the middle of a Buddhist temple just a few feet away from a monk. Family members were saved that day, and it was such a victory for the Lord. I also had the opportunity to witness to a young man who was working at the funeral. He was very open and was so interested that he asked if we could sit down and talk. He later bowed his head and accepted Jesus into his heart.

shookMissy met Bur while out soul winning. She is a 17-year-old mother who works two jobs to support herself and her little son. She was immediately open to Missy and El and invited them into her house. As they sat in the middle of her living room and shared the Gospel with her, Bur sat quietly and listened to every word. She was quick to answer in agreement that she was a sinner and that she did not know where she would spend eternity but that she wanted to go to Heaven. Bur was sweetly saved that night. The three ladies talked for a while and later found out that Bur works in the same market as our staff and church members Singadt and Joom. Please pray for Bur that she will come to church and grow in the Lord.

I have one more story to share, and to me it holds great importance. One day after school, my son Mark (who just turned eight years old) came to me in my office and asked if I could talk with him. He said that he wasn’t sure he was going to Heaven. Mark was just five when he first prayed, but he could not remember the details of that day. We spent time together talking and looking through God’s Word. On February 19, Mark prayed and asked Jesus into his heart. It was a very joyous day for our family!

The Lord continues to increase our knowledge of the Thai language as we study, and we are working diligently to serve and work in the ministry here. Thank you for your faithful support and prayers! We thank God for you and know that through your sacrifices we are able to do the work God has called us to do.

For Him,

Tim Shook

December 2014