Team Thailand Update:  People Are Seeking the TruthThis fall, the team has seen the Lord continue to bless as we strive to reach more for Him. Our auditorium expansion was completed, the walls were freshly painted, and the platform was installed. We had the carpenter build the platform in three parts that can be broken down and moved to a different space when we own our own land and buildings. This extra space has quickly filled up, as visitors continue to come each Sunday and faithful members are bringing their family and friends to church. It has made our special days a little less cramped also. We recently had curtains installed to allow for light control and for a bit of a sound barrier, as we are situated right off of a busy road.

While Miss Shari House worked on the details of the curtain installation at the church, she got to know Pink, the owner of the window-treatment shop. Pink and her husband and twin daughters live in Hua Hin. Her in-laws became believers about 10 years ago and have since been trying to witness to her and encourage her to go to church. This past school break, her daughters stayed with their grandparents (who live in a different province). While they were there, they attended church. When they returned home, they asked their mom if they could go to church. Pink told the girls they could go to church, instead of the temple, if they wanted. They found a small church in town where the girls attend each week. Pink told Miss Shari that since they have been back home from their break and going to church, her interest has grown in finding out more about church. When she came to our church to measure the windows and give the quote for the curtains, Miss Shari gave her the Gospel. She had a lot of questions but was not ready to get saved. She took the church tract and the John and Romans and said that she would read them. After an installation error by her employees, Pink had to come back to the church to bring a set of curtains that was missed. This “mistake” allowed her to see Miss Shari again. She saw the Christmas tree in the auditorium and the baptismal tank outside, and those led to many more questions. As the two were talking, our Thai pastor, Adjan Sakrapee, walked by, and he was able to join the conversation and add more explanation. At the end, Pink asked Jesus into her heart to be her Saviour. She came to install curtains and walked away with a life forever in Heaven!

In October, we had our annual Bible English Camp. We had over 60 campers and 23 teachers/helpers. As you may know, each year we take three days to teach English in a unique way. The grades of the campers range from kindergarten to seventh grade. We teach them vocabulary, language usage of those vocabulary words, a craft, and a sport/game. Then we have a singing and preaching time. This is a tremendous opportunity for us to reach our community and introduce more people to the Lord and to our ministries. Many children heard the Gospel for the first time in those three days, and there were campers who trusted Christ as their Saviour. As a result, several of the first-time campers have started coming to church regularly on Sundays. What a blessing!

We had two special Sundays in November: Carnival Sunday and Cookout Sunday. On Carnival Sunday, there was ice cream and carnival games and activities. On Cookout Sunday, we grilled hot dogs, and Mrs. Carmen Shook made her famous homemade coleslaw. We had visitors both Sundays, with folks saved and baptized.

The week before the program Sundays, Brother Chad Inman went visiting with Pi Pong. They met a mom and her children who had been witnessed to before but had not received Jesus. After the men talked with her, she sweetly got saved. Her children and four of their friends attended both Carnival and Cookout Sundays. While at church, each of those children received Jesus as their Saviour. People are seeking, they are hungry for the truth, and they need soul winners who are faithful and go with the power of the Holy Spirit.

We are in the middle of our public-school Christmas programs, and we trust that the Lord will use them to reach more souls. To God be the glory! Thank you for your continued support and prayers!

Tim Shook and Team Thailand