Team Thailand Update:  Father's Day and Christmas Program PreparationAs we enter the Christmas season, we are busy in preparation for our public school Christmas programs. For several months Brother Chad and Brother Sakrapee have communicated with the schools in our area. We sent letters, and the men visited the schools to speak with the administrators. Mrs. Carmen Shook has worked countless hours sewing each costume. Pi Black, our newest staff member, has built props. Folks have put together gift bags that include a copy of John & Romans, a brochure explaining the biblical account of the Christmas story, a bookmark, and candy. All the team and staff are involved in the play, and several church members have also volunteered their time to help in various areas. Three schools have agreed to allow us to present the Christmas story with them this year. This is something our team started years ago when we were at our first location in Pathumthani. This will give us an opportunity to share the Gospel with over 3,500 students and several hundred teachers and school administrators. Please pray that God will use these meetings to bring many to Him.

Father’s Day in Thailand is on the King’s birthday (December 5), so we honored our fathers in the church on the Sunday before Father’s Day. Each father received a special t-shirt with the King’s colors. We had several new visitors that day, and one our teen boys, Bon, brought his father for the first time. This is always a special day for our church.

Please pray for us as we continue in the work here while one of our team families, the Inman family, is back in America on deputation. Please pray for the Inmans as they travel and raise support.

Early in the New Year, we will be starting a new midweek Bible study at the home of one of our faithful church members. It’s our prayer that God will use this to start a new church in that area. We rely on your prayers and support as the Lord continues to grow our work and give us more opportunities to spread the Gospel and train people for His service.

Brother Randy Shook ran the Junior Church while Brother Scott Mercer was on furlough. During this time he taught the children several memory verses and songs. The children prepared and worked hard to learn each verse and song. On a Sunday morning, the Junior Church presented their hard work to the adults. It was wonderful to see our young people excited about the things of the Lord.

Tim Shook & Team Thailand