Team Thailand Update:  Easter SundayGod blessed as we honored our Lord’s death, burial, and resurrection the first Sunday of April, which was Easter Sunday, with a video about the life of Christ from John’s perspective. Kuhn Singadt did an outstanding job with the narration, as Mrs. Kristi Mercer played Easter music in the background. For many of our members, this was the first time they had seen the death of Jesus depicted in movie form. Miss Shari House worked hard to find the best video. The room was quiet as the video played, and people wiped tears away as they watched and listened. Each teen and adult in the main service received a beautiful Resurrection bookmark, designed by Mrs. Sarah Inman. The junior-aged children were taught an Easter lesson in Sunday English and had an egg hunt. It was a Christ-honoring day with the family of God.

I would like you to meet Gilbert and his wife Antika. Their home is just a few miles from our church. He and his wife had been in search of a new church for quite some time. One Sunday after the service, Gilbert told me he had passed by our church for two years and never stopped in to visit, but God compelled him to attend our services, for the first time, the Sunday before Easter. Gilbert grew up in a Christian home and has been saved nearly his whole life, and his wife has been saved for over 30 years. Both of them have unique salvation testimonies. In getting to know this dear couple, we have learned that Gilbert’s brother pastored in Burma for years at the church that Adoniram Judson established. What a godly heritage! They are a wonderful addition to our church family, and God has used them to further our progress in looking for land for our ministry.

One Sunday as I was away preaching for another missionary, my dad, Bro. Randy Shook, preached in my place here at IBCHH. He challenged the people to read through the entire book of John in one week. We had a total of 7 members complete this challenge! Those people were presented with a new fan as their prize.

We trust you will rejoice with us as the Lord continues to “bring them in” for His glory. Please continue to pray as we look for land to purchase and for the start of our upcoming Discipleship Program. Thank you for your prayers and faithful support.

Tim Shook & Team Thailand