Team Ghana Update:  Many Helped by Conference on MarriageFor each of the last eight years, our church has hosted a Pastors’ and Workers’ Conference. Our theme this year was “Marriage: Making It Work.”

Each year I continue to ask myself, my staff, and our delegates the question: “Should we continue to have these conferences?” Each year the response is always an affirmative. This year the answer was made for me before I could ask the question. Here are some notes that I received from some delegates after this year’s conference:

• “The marriage sermon you gave to us has helped me a lot. I married just recently, and the sermon has assisted me to eliminate a lot of problems that I have in my marriage.” – Pastor Jeremiah
• “Hello, Pastor Speer, I am giving you this message to thank you for the conference. It has been a great help to me because I have seen some changes in my marriage. Thank you for organizing this wonderful seminar.” – Pastor Robert
• “Thank you so much for organizing this conference and for helping us build strong marriages. All the lessons were so powerful.” – Pastor Philip

I would like to give a special thanks to Dr. Robert and Mrs. Jo Beth Hooker who were our special speakers this year. Furthermore, I would also like to thank Pastor Steve Volante, Pastor Samuel Appiah, Pastor Djaba Nyokotey, Pastor Miguel Triano, and Pastor Mike Williams for speaking at our conference this year as well.

Most of all, I would like to thank all of you, our donors, who make this conference possible each year through your giving. Also, the team member prayer letter this month is from the Osgood family.

God bless,

Ted Speer
Team Leader