Team Ghana Update: God Has Provided!God has provided the $350,000 for our land lease! We want to say a big thank you to all who have prayed or given towards this need, and we are excited to announce that the chieftaincy has received our payment. We now just have to navigate through all of the paperwork required with the government, which will take two or three months. Thank you to all who have given to make this a reality!

Something that has excited me greatly over the past six months is that I have been able to send some of our trained pastors out to visit some of our daughter churches in an effort to strengthen those churches. Having national pastors I trust to go out and represent the ministry is such a huge blessing. This is a step in our ministry that demonstrates the fruitfulness of your investment. Here is a quick update from Pastor Kingsley Addai, who made two visits recently:

Sokode Gbogame is a community of more than 40,000 people in the Volta Region. The majority of the residents are farmers. The primary language in the Volta Region is Ewe, so Jephthah Aniglo, one of our Bible college students, accompanied me. We visited the ministry of Pastor Philip Gafatsi in this community.

Our time of soul winning with Pastor Philip was amazing. In addition to winning souls, we went with Pastor Philip to visit some of his church members. The result was a fantastic Sunday morning service. Over 60 people came to church, and 4 made professions of faith in Christ. During our time there, we also helped Pastor Philip start an information center ministry in his area. [An information center is a loudspeaker over which one may rent airtime. It is like a neighborhood radio station.] The lady pictured with Brother Jephthah was reached, and 7 visitors came to church as a result of the information center preaching! Please pray for this church as they transition from meeting in a schoolroom to their church building, which is being completed.

Sogakope is also in the Volta Region. This town is populated by about 18,000 people. Many schools, big hospitals, and the Volta River bring many visitors to this place. Many people in this community are vendors and farmers. There is no independent, fundamental Baptist church in this area.

I traveled to Sogakope with Pastor Otchere Boachie and Pastor Christian Gafatsi. Many of the people to whom we preached were happy to hear the Gospel of salvation by grace through faith alone. We also visited villages around Sogakope, where many still worship idols. Pastor Christian and I are pictured here preaching at an information center during our visit (I am on the right). In the near future, the plan is for Pastor Christian to relocate from Tema to establish a church in this town. Pray for the Christian Gafatsi family as they make this transition.

In addition to praying for the renewal of our lease to be finalized, pray for the pastors and ministries mentioned above. Also, the team family for whom we are asking you to pray this month is the Sarvers. Please take time to read one of their recent letters, and pray specifically for their ministry in Ghana:

Yours for souls,

Ted Speer, Pastor/Team Leader

Pastor Christian and Pastor Kingsley Preaching at an Information Center in Sogakope, Volta Region, Ghana

This lady was reached through the information center preaching in Sokode Gbogame, Volta Region, Ghana.