Brian and Liz Hebert Prayer Letter: Summer BlessingsThere have been many interesting soul-winning encounters this summer, but let me tell you a few. Pastor Johnston and I go out together on Tuesday nights to make visits, go soul winning, and/or follow up on Sunday’s visitors. A Chinese couple, Ken and Silvia, had visited a couple of times, and we were going to make another visit to their house. I had heard that they had teenage children, but they had never come to church. One night while we were visiting them, their oldest son was there, and I was able to give him the Gospel. Praise the Lord, Kelvin got saved that night . . . but it gets better. A week later, Pastor took his oldest daughter to visit them again, and Ken and Silvia’s daughter Vanice trusted Christ as her Saviour too! The family is now attending Sunday morning services together. What a blessing! Pray for their growth in the Christian life.

The Lord laid it on my heart to read a couple of books that have encouraged, convicted, and equipped me simultaneously to get better at speaking to Muslims and Jews while out soul winning. God has also burdened me to memorize more Scripture that will be effective in communicating the Gospel to them too. In our area, there is a very high chance that on any given soul-winning outing, we will speak to people from both religions. Putting the principles and memorized verses into practice has given me the chance to get further into conversations than I’ve ever been able to get before and has allowed me to get into the Gospel with some. My prayer is that through this sowing of the seed now, we will see a harvest soon. Pray for me that I will be the most effective I can be for the Lord.

Cari, the Iranian man who visited with his niece Naghmeh and great niece Sarah, came again. Please pray for Naghmeh and Sarah. We spoke with them for a while after the morning service, exchanging contact information because they wanted to keep in touch and get more material from us about Christianity. They seemed hungry and eager to learn, but they had to leave soon after to go back to Iran. We gave them a Farsi Bible and as many Farsi materials as we could give them. I was able to send them some links to some Farsi preaching as well. Pray for their salvation.
During our midweek soul-winning time, I also invited a Russian man named Kia to our church’s 19th anniversary; and, praise the Lord, he and his wife came. They stayed for lunch and played games with us for a while at our celebration. He had never played cornhole before (can you imagine that?) and even won a game with me. Pray for this family as we seek to follow up on them.

Please pray for one more man, Alex, whom I witnessed to recently. He was born in Venezuela but raised in Quebec. I met him out soul winning, but I didn’t get a chance to witness to him. I even went back to try again, but again he didn’t have the time. Finally, after several attempts, I got unimpeded time to witness to him thoroughly. He even greeted me at the door saying, “I was just wondering when you’d come by again!” I gave him a thorough presentation of the Gospel, and at the end, he wanted to pray by himself later when he went inside. I haven’t been able to contact him since, so please pray for two things: that he truly got saved like he said he would and that he would get in church and be discipled.

Counting my blessings,

Brian Hebert