Dan and Gerri Johnson Prayer Letter: Missions-Emphasis MonthMarch is Missions-Emphasis Month. Our Missions Conference was a great blessing, with great preaching from Missionary Keith Putman. We support 11 missionaries or projects and hope to be able to add more. Our Faith Promise total was 30% more than last year!

Gerri has been teaching Christian Womanhood this semester in the Bible institute. I am teaching Psalms, Daniel, Counseling, and Doctrine. We have 18 students enrolled full- or part-time.

Over six years ago, a young man named Dennis visited our church for the first time. He knew nothing about the Bible and had very little education, but he knew his sinful lifestyle was wrong and needed something more. For several months, I sat with him at the back of the church sharing my Bible with him, but he was not ready to be saved.

Even after we moved to a new location, he kept coming. Little by little, he began to understand the Gospel, and one day he was saved. His life really began to change. With very little knowledge, he started taking some classes in the Bible institute. This semester he is taking homiletics. Last Sunday morning, he preached his first sermon and did a wonderful job. He calls me his “white dad”!

He has a passion for souls. Pray for Dennis. He is from Bahia and is concerned for his family. He will be taking a 30-hour bus trip to visit them and witness to them. Pray that the Lord will open their hearts to the Gospel.

In His service,

Dan & Gerri Johnson