Warren Storm Prayer Letter:  23 Years of "Keep the Buses Rolling"God Is So Good

It is hard to believe that it has been 23 years since our “Keep the Buses Rolling” ministry was started. I was raised in a Christian home, and at age seven I received Christ as my personal Saviour at our church’s Vacation Bible School. Since I was 21, God has used me in Bus Ministries as a bus worker, bus director, driver, bus mechanic—anything that was needed. In 1993 at our “God Save America Rally” at Hyles-Anderson College, I heard the message “Why Win Children?” God used that message to burden my heart to start this ministry. My preacher, Dr. Jack Hyles, was excited about it, and he helped me tremendously in launching “Keep the Buses Rolling.”

My wife Jary Lynn became my helpmeet a year after I lost my first wife to cancer. Jary Lynn, as a 17-year-old Lutheran, was invited to her girlfriend’s Baptist church. It wasn’t until she was 31, however, that she got the assurance of her salvation and trusted Christ as her personal Saviour. In 1989 she became the school secretary at our Hammond Baptist High School. All six of my children went through HBHS. My oldest daughter Angela suggested that I date her, and the rest is history. She is a tremendous help to me, as she has traveled with me through the years.

Buses Back on the Road

In the last two months, God watched over us as we traveled over 2,670 miles, helping 19 churches. I helped the mechanics work on 29 buses. Several buses were put back on the road that had not been running. It was a joy to help Faith Baptist Church in Oak Creek, Michigan, get their buses up and running. We were also able to help Metro Baptist Church in Belleville, Michigan, and Biblical Baptist Church in Beach Park, Illinois.

God’s Blessings

While we were following up on some families on a bus route, we saw a lady sitting on the porch next door to the bus kid’s house. We went over and introduced ourselves and were able to give her the Gospel. When she bowed her head and accepted Christ, she was so grateful that we had come by to tell her about Jesus.

We followed up on John, a bus kid’s dad who received Christ and was baptized. We were able to witness to his mom Cathy, and she was also very ready to trust the Lord Jesus as her own personal Saviour. “. . . joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repenteth . . . .” (Luke 15:7)

Laying up Treasures in Heaven

You have a part in the life of every bus kid (and their families) who is reached by the churches and Bus Ministries we are able to help. Thank you for your investment. You are receiving interest to your account in Heaven. We are very grateful for your prayers and financial support.

Our Prayer Requests

Pray (1) that churches all over America will start or restart Bus Ministries, (2) that more missionary bus mechanics will help our churches, (3) that CDL drivers, bus workers, and mechanics will step up and help their churches, and (4) for our health and safety as we travel.

Yours for souls,

Warren & Jary Lynn Storm